Dictator Jiang Responsible for Wuhan Lab
Jiang Zemin is Responsible for Creation and Cover Up of Covid 19- Declass. Cyrus Parsa, The AI Organization

Chinese CCP Dictator Jiang Zemin was mentioned On page 253 of Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity. I published on page 253 that an invisible weapon is being launched by the CCP and that the Fmr. Dictator Jiang Zemin was responsible for Genocide. This was publicly revealed on book publication date October 20, 2019 after informing the Secret Service in June 2019 that the world and U.S President were in imminent danger from China by an invisible weapon that is designed to hit President Trump and the conservative leadership to take them out of power. A bit of coded language was used on that page as I was attempting to covertly get the info to the President of the United States. The book Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity reached the Presidents inner circle, POTUS and high level Military officials on or shortly after November 5th, 2019.

In 2019 and early 2020 our military intelligence double verified my surveillance transmissions that Jiang Zemin and his son directed the creation and the cover up of Covid 19 and the Wuhan Lab. Jiang Zemin was also directly responsible for the direct sanctioning of government led forced organ harvesting of Falun Dafa meditators, and the many other Tibetan, House Christian and Uyghurs who also suffered torture and genocide with the Falun Gong practitioners within the many concentration camps that have existed in China the past few decades.

Tweet Declassifying Jiang’s involvement

I will be declassifying more on the origins of the CCP Virus AKA (Covid 19) and how the cover up occurred in China as the weeks go on. On Oct, 14, 2020 with the release of CCP Virus Gate documentary, I highlighted that Jiang was the main culprit. And if you have been following me, you will see I have never blamed Xi for it. Since I knew of the virus in 2019, and globally spread the messages that the world was in impending danger and that it would lead to what is called “The Great Reset” and forced vaccines with AI and transhumanism. My surveillance tools also identified Jiang and his associates as the main culprits. Per security threats to our military contacts, I did not directly declassify these facts until September 11, 2021 with a tweet called “Jiang Zemin Wuhan Culprit”.

Sincerely, Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization