Almost 7 Billion Peoples Bio-Metrics
Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization, Courtesy of Macrovector Dreamstime

6 Billion of the Worlds Citizens Bio-Metrics Extracted

China’s Communist Government has extracted over 6 billion peoples biometrics, including facial, voice and personal health data to empower their Quantum Artificial Intelligence program meant for military purposes. This includes almost every American, Canadian, and European persons living today, every person in China, and Less so from groups in Africa, the Middle East, and South America. I initially made the finding public by publishing the discovery in the book AI, Trump, China and the Weaponization of Robotics without providing company names. Later, I included the findings with company names in the updated book Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity. More than 1,000 AI, Robotics and Bio-Metric companies were researched to obtain the results of over 6 billion human beings who have had their bio-metrics stolen or transferred to China.

20 Chinese Companies and 10 Western Tech companies achieved 6 Billion

Organ Trafficking, Organ Harvesting Hunts by AI Facial Recogniton
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After researching over 500 Chinese and 600 Western companies, I came to the conclusion that just the top 20 Chinese companies and the top 10 American companies, allowed for over 6 billion peoples bio-metrics to be stolen, shared, extracted, or transferred to China via collaboration with Western tech companies. The western companies included Google, Facebook, Twitter, Uber, and general public data that is either available for public consumption or IP theft. The other private data, especially medical records were stolen via espionage.

Chinese Companies reaching over 5 Billion Alone

The Chinese companies included Didi Chuxing which is the Uber of China that services over 1 billion people in China and has a footing in Japan, Australia, India, Chile and Mexico. Megvii Face++ is a Facial Recognition company, open source, 300,000 Developers around the world and with access to over 1 billion peoples personal data. Huawei is building the global 5G grid system with a service reach of over 3 Billion people around the world. Baidu is China’s Google, with access to over 1 billion people. Dehua and Hikvision cameras in China, Taiwan, the Middle East, in the U.S, Australia and around the world allowed for China to extract personal data. DJI, the drone company also transferred sensitive data from around the world by giving mapping and location service that tagged and connected the people through payment gateways, and social networks to obtain facial, voice and body recognition data. Other ways of extraction were from various Made in China computers, apps such as Tik Tok, and Smart Phones that were made in China. Depending on which country the products and services were transfered, the smart phones had different privacy settings and capabilities.

Your Bio-Metrics for China’s Quantum AI

Body Imaging biometric Scans
Cyrus A. Parsa, Courtesy of Jakarin-Niamklang-Dreamstime

Your persona bio-metrics, including how your neural networks are formed were extracted as you engaged with products and services provided by a combination of the different tech companies products and services through AI algorithms, facial recognition, voice recognition and proximity sensors form your phones that detected your heart beat, menstrual cycle, and electrical field. All of this data is valuable to China’s Quantum AI Military objectives. To learn more, download Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity

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