By Cyrus A. Parsa, Coutesy of Jason Jung, Dreamstime

In 2002 on a United Airlines flight from San Diego to Washington D.C, I recall distinctly a conversation I had with a lady next to me. She asked “Should we go to war with Iraq and what would happen”. I replied audibly as other passengers were intently listening “Iraq does not have the capability to hurt the U.S at home currently, if we go into Iraq and Afghanistan, Millions of people will die, get hurt, region will be destabilized, terror groups will increase, our troops will be killed needlessly, and that in 20 years time we’d walk away a loser and China would threaten the world”. In fact, I published this in the ending of my book Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity released on Oct, 20, 2019. In that book, I warned and predicted that a Bioweapon made by mixing humans and animals would be launched from China by the CCP that ushers in the age of AI transhumanism, and tyranny led on Marxism and Orwellian Surveillance systems build on the BRI ( Belt and Road).

Now, exactly how I gave the threat assessment in 2002, and 2019, the world stage is currently playing within these parameters. That being, bioweapon hit, world was locked down, the CCP threatens the world, and the U.S and the world have been financially, and physically hurt by the conflicts, while the focus to the danger of the CCP had been largely ignored until the past few years. If it was me, I would have handled the 911 issue a lot differently, including entry and exit of Afghanistan. The key threat has always stemmed from inside of China due to the CCP. A genocidal regime that created the Bioweapon. Also known as Covid 19 or the CCP Virus.

CCP Threat beyond Afghanistan
By Cyrus A. Parsa, Courtesy of Nicholi Sorokin Dreamstime

The CCP puts its own people in concentration camps, and kills its own people, such as Falun Dafa practitioners, House Christians, Tibetans, Uyghurs and common citizens, for their organs. When I was in China in the year 2000, I saw the fear and tyranny that the Chinese people first hand were experiencing. People were even afraid to meditate publicly in the park and were doing it in secret. Afraid that the CCP would arrest them. There was an unsettling feeling in the air. The best way I could describe it would be: I felt evil in the air. That may sound superstition or strange. But you could feel the fear, pain, and injustice in the air. It was in the face of the Chinese people and even the parks felt that way. There were secret police and paid informants everywhere, watching people. And their government officials were eager to spread Maoist propaganda to its populous.

At that time, China was not developed, and many used bicycles. Now, the CCP aims to build smart cities on the BRI (Belt and Road) connecting to Afghanistan. Today, the CCP develops bioweapons, AI systems, hypersonic missiles, and their military is outmatched only by the U.S, and may be Russia in different ways. Afghanistan issue is of serious concern. Yet, the current Afghanistan issue is a continuation of distracting Middle East events that have historically taken the focus off of the CCP.

The Pentagon and media, must focus on the CCP. As all the issues that have occurred the past 20 years, have paled to what the CCP has done to China and to the world with the creation of the bioweapon, forced tech transfers, espionage, theft, plagiarism and genocide.. And if other issues occur globally, the trigger points and connections usually lead back to China and its politburo, the Chinese Communist Party. I truly believe, if we solve the CCP issue, all the worlds problems will dissipate considerably. We must expose the creation of the Bioweapon, (CCP Virus), their persecutions of their own citizens, organ harvesting and concentration camps. Not just because they threaten the world, or that our governments are legally responsible, rather it’s what any decent human being would do when they know another regime is committing genocide. Crimes against humanity.

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