Trump, Cyrus and the Alien Disclosure
Cyrus REquests Trump to Declassify UFO's on December 8, 2020, and Trump puts order on on December 27th, 2020

Full Explanation In Video

On December 8, 2020 Cyrus sends a public Tweet Request to President Trump and others to declassify all UFO, UAP and Alien files available to the intelligence community. It get’s 25,000 views. On December 27, 2020 POTUS signs into law, giving the 17 DNI and Pentagon 6 months to start Declassification process.

Today, we made history, and have started the declassification process. The President, Space Force, and the Pentagon high level Generals had viewed Cyrus A Parsa and The AI Organization’s movie AI The Plan to Invade Humanity sent on April 24, 2020 to them, and other videos. After releasing AI the Plan to Invade Humanity, within 3 days, on April 27, 2020, pentagon confirms the existence of UFO’s.

Upon realizing Cyrus was right on predicting and warning of the Wuhan Lab in 2019, and many AI Bio-Security issues as it pertains to China, as well as publicly dropping sensitive intel on Chinese Generals in the U.S that were only known at the highest level of the FBI, high level Advisors to the President started a paying attention to Cyrus and The AI Organization wondering what will be released next.

Furthermore, could it be what Cyrus says about UFO’s, and the Alien images he was shown by a very special person in 2003, be true? The movie AI The Plan to Invade Humanity did spook military heads in the Pentagon, as it also revealed that there are spacecrafts that fly out of the oceans so fast, that they are imperceptible to our military.

Cyrus to Trump UFO Declass Tweet

On December 8th, 2020. Cyrus Tweets to President Trump, to Declassify all UFO Alien Files. On December 27, President Trump signs UFO declass into Covid Bill, ordering all 17 DNI to to congress by June 25, 2021. This was after President Trump and high level Generals watched his movie AI The Plan to Invade Humanity in April 2020.

AI The Plan to Invade Humanity Movie April 24, 2020 Tweet

AI The Plan to Invade Humanity was launched and sent to POTUS, the Pentagon, CIA, FBI and Space Force Generals on April 24th, 2020. Just 3 days later, On April 27, 2020, the Pentagon confirmed UFO sightings. A few weeks later, Pentagon confirmed crafts flying out of the ocean and that we have had off world technology landing here. Exactly as depicted in Cyrus’s Movie AI The Plan to Invade Humanity and his Theory CV AI UFO Global Master Plan. MOVIE DIGITALLY REMASTERED

President Donald J. Trump, the Pentagon, Cyrus, 17 DNI, and even Twitter/U Tube all came together through that communication platforms of big tech, pandemic circumstance, chain of reaction, AI The Plan to Invade Humanity Movie, the work that was being done in back end, and final Tweet at last minute in December, 2020, asking to declass. There is a lot of friction in the nation, but some times, positive things come together, from the connection between both sides.

Although they will not declass everything, including the actual Alien images I have seen, it is a starting process. In fact, we at The AI Organization, have developed some AI technologies to detects UAP’s and other elements related to unknown Alien origins, that even the Pentagon does not posses. And this explains, why we knew so much ahead of time. Not just the Wuhan Lab, but when and how, as it relates to UFO’s.

Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization