Cyrus Trump Covid 19 Secret Contact Report

DECLASSIFIED May-June 2019 Cyrus-Trump Contact Bio-Weapon/Virus Report

I met with President Trump’s Family friend in Washington D.C on May and June 2019. I told him that in China the CCP is building an invisible bioweapon/poison to either kill President Trump, or take the President out of office by hitting his family, advisors, and circle prior to the 2020 election. That POTUS had 6 months before bioweapon hits, and within 1-2 years, the world will be enslaved. I offered to describe how it works, how it was being built, and what steps to take to prevent it, or at the very least, solutions to counter the imminent threat.

“Bioweapon Designed to Penetrate White House by Person to Person” Cyrus Parsa, June 2019

Pres. Trumps contact in D.C asked how it works and how it is possible. I told him that it is designed to move from one person to another, and the people will not know they are carrying it, can cause organ failure and it will penetrate the White House, and take out President Trump and his presidency. Because it was hard for any person to comprehend this new form of technology, let alone anyone to believe anyone like Cyrus could know the timing of it, I added that one poison/bioweapon delivery method is micro-drones. But the real invisible threat, and how it worked was too sensitive, invisible, and it involves the use of A.I. to build the bioweapon, and that I will only tell President Trump in person how to detect, stop, prevent and counter this invisible poison. The invisible enemy. This was published on pages 252-255 of Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity on Oct, 20, 2019 through Amazon paperback edition with a little bit of code. Pages 252-255 Also Reveal the Culprit as Dictator Jiang Zemin and the gang.

Cyrus 5 Page Covid Bioweapon Document Handed to Presidents Security Detail by Pres. Trump Contact

I gave the Trump Family contact a 5 page document with preventative steps, and solutions with timing and explained I will only give the details to President Trump in private, along with his advisors/names on brief list. They included Secret Service Director, James Murray, Sec. Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, and Vice-President Pence. Pres. Trump’s family friend took the document and gave to higher ups in the Secret Service that are assigned to President Trumps actual detail, family, and places the President frequents. The 5 page brief had hand written components, coded components and request to meet in person with the President to describe everything.

Investigation/Findings on Behalf of Nation and President of the United States

I discovered the imminent threat of the Bioweapon AKA(Covid 19/Corona Virus/CCP Virus) in late 2018, and after 8 months of research, investigation, and 1 month of assessing risks and finding vulnerabilities to the Presidents Secret Service detail, the White House, and the Presidents family, I submitted the Corona Virus National Security brief that connected China CCP, Big Tech, bioengineering, and AI.. The fact is, as an outsider, I did this with my own funding, and outperformed all the paid experts, White House Advisors, Generals, the Pentagon, CIA, FBI, Secret Service, NSA, and all world governments combined.

Basically, the Chinese and CCP outmaneuvered the Americans, and the world, and I outmaneuvered the Chinese and the CCP with preventative and response security measures that were not fully used because gate keepers, heads of intelligence agencies and no human being that has ever set foot in the White House has my AI, China National Security/Advisory skills. Furthermore, pride and foolishness’ prevented them from bringing me on board or to allow me to speak privately to the President for the good of the nation, the Presidency and your Families. I am the best AI China Bio-Security Strategic Advisor, and they failed to recognize that. Period. Facts. The next sets of threats are much greater than what happened in 2020.

Cyrus A. Parsa, The World’s Greatest AI China Bio-Security Advisor, Strategist and Analyst

The AI Organization