Unethical AI Biosecurity, Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization, Collage Courtesy of Dreamstime Greger & Lee Lang

The bio-tech industry is developing at an accelerated rate with the advancement of Artificial Intelligence. The hopes of creating smart cities, extending life spans, cloning, printing organs and body parts are within the horizon. Tech companies have connected themselves with governments, law enforcement, education, media and celebrities to bring forth their vision of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to the populous. Something I described in my recent book The Great Reset: How big tech elites and the worlds people can be enslaved by China CCP or AI.

The issue with the Fourth Industrial Revolution or The Great Reset is lack of ethics. A smart human being or society that is led by wisdom would not create an infrastructure that may allow corporations or AI to be used to influence or control the people’s perceptions, thoughts and beliefs. Why? Because, if the vision of a few hundred oligarchs influence the globe, tyranny can develop at an extremely rapid rate in the next 5-10 year with AI technology as it connects to communication networks, digital currencies, assets, and culture. In essence, if they make mistakes, the entire world can suffer the consequences.

The only way for oligarchs to not take the worlds people to a dangerous point would be if they embodied an all-knowing wisdom, ethics and benevolence. To my knowledge, not many people fit this all-knowing benevolent description. And if they did, does that give them the right to overstep the free-will of 7 billion people’s perceptions, values and personal destiny?

The greatest issue here is ethics. Ethics relate to culture, spirituality, and the material things we connect with in our daily life. And with modern science, ethics is subjective when it comes to bioengineering, and experimentation with AI biotechnology. This is where the greatest risks exist. Because, once the smart city infrastructure it built and oligarchs are in a position of power and influence with advancement of A.I. Systems, it will be too late to deter or recover from huge disasters or tyranny without considerable losses and sacrifice.

Other issues are nation state actors such as the Chinese Communist Party and their military bioengineering experimentations. I predicted and warned in 2019 that the Chinese regime was mixing humans and animals with the help of AI in a lab which posed an imminent danger to the world’s people in the form of a bioweapon. It turned out to be called Covid 19. I founded The AI Organization for the propose of advisory and risk assessments with the use of certain techniques and technologies that are unmatched by any government. This is why we were so accurate and outperformed all of the global governments combined by detecting Covid 19 prior to it spreading to the world’s people. The goal was and is to provide intelligence to protect the world’s people against unethical use of AI Biotechnology. The main issue we had in countering the threat from inside of China was lack of media support, recognition and funding at the global level.

As the founder of The AI Organization, I strive to support the positives of conservatives and liberals equally, and point out issues for the purpose of transparency, safety and threat mitigation. I do not separate the realms of politics from human rights and threats of AI as it pertains to machines and biotechnology. As politics, business, and all human elements are merging with the 4th Industrial Revolution. Hence, all aspects that relate to AI and the global infrastructure need to be addressed if we are to deter even bigger threats than we witnessed in the year 2020 with the emergence of Covid 19. An outbreak that is gaining more mainstream acceptance as a bioweapon from a lab manufactured by the CCP, rather than a natural disease.

There is always the hope for a better future if we can lead with wisdom and positivity towards the age of AI. That means, not allowing machines to think and control our destiny, and genuinely improving our ethical standards. Improving our ethical standards includes respecting human life. Respecting human life also means not doing business with nations that are engaging in Genocide such as China. This also ties back into the Wuhan Lab. Why would we fund a regime to engage in gain of function research when they are committing genocide and putting people in concentration camps? Ethics. Such an important word.

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Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization