Cyrus A. Parsa, Courtesy of Razvan Ionut Dragomirescu

China and Iran’s AKA (Persia) have a relationship going back 2300 hundred years. Both have had massive empires with one dynasty after another as they connected through the silk road. Currently they are connecting through the BRI (One Belt One Road) meant for the 5G grid system mobilizing drones and numerous Artificial Intelligence Systems.

The Chinese Communist regime has been making deals with the Iranian Islamic Regime to use its bases, house troupes, and rent strategic areas such as the Kish Islands. How could an atheist regime that hates religion, make a deal with a theist regime that has religion? In fact, the Chinese Communist regime has been housing Christians, Uhghur Muslims, Tibetans and Falun Dafa practitioners in concentration camps where their books are burned, and wives raped in front of them so they can recant their faith.

Chinese Communist Regimes think long term. They make promises that they do not keep. Case in point, Hong Kong and other treaties. China’s aim is simply world domination on the 5G network, and by giving technology to Iran they hope to either deter U.S from stopping their plans to dominate the world on the 5G network connecting to A.I. If they don’t deter, they hope to create a conflict in the Middle East by arming Iran so that the U.S would have to fight a proxy war and not focus on China’s threats to the worlds citizens, or the fact that they unleashed a virus that shut down the entire world causing trillions of dollars and lots of conflicts .

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China’s government has studied the Bible and knows that Christians in the U.S would do anything to protect Israel, thus China wants to give supersonic missile and other AI Based technology to Iran in order to destroy Israel or threaten Israel so that the U.S will back off, and not expose that China’s Communist Regime has killed tens of millions of its own people in camps prior to the CCP Virus-Covid 19 Virus outbreak. China is using American emotions and sentiments to historical words to capitalize on predictions that are not clearly worded in order to abuse the worlds people.

Exposing China CCP For Crimes Against Humanity

As Stated in my books, articles, videos, tweets, and even 87 page lawsuit. The world is in a tough predicament because of China’s interconnected human rights abuses that has created a monster with access to A.I weaponized technology that endangers the worlds citizens. The Solution is very simple. Expose the Chinese Communist Regime for their concentration camps and murder of their own citizens.

Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization