Subverting your Family with Tik Tok
Cyrus A Parsa, Tik Tok Dangers

Tik Tok is a Chinese App owned by Bytance with predatory features geared towards a younger audience meant to subvert nation states. Little girls and boys are dancing to it as the AI algorithms use Deep Learning techniques to study your family. Young girls and boys are dancing to it, often times in their bedroom. I make the case that Tik Tok can and does contribute to sex and human trafficking by way of bio-digital social programming.

Tik Tik Machine Learning

Tik Tok is another way for AI and Machines to learn about you to a point when 5G and robotics are developed, you are totally controlled.  Tik Tok is owned by the Chinese government, as any entity is subject to Chinese government takeover, let alone espionage. When your kid is dancing, someone in China and in other places is extracting your child’s information. They can make Deep Fakes and sexual videos of your child. The app also has back doors and multiple different interconnected apparatus constructed for the purpose of espionage. To have Tik Tok and other similar apps, is really unwise, especially after seeing how the U.S government, FBI and others in the intelligence community have been arresting Chinese spies at a high rate.

Subverting Nations by Social Engineering Families

Tik Tok has an addictive feature. Once your kids and family are hooked to it, cities, businesses and nations become dependent to its use. Thus, allowing not only for complete espionage by China and loss of your privacy, it allows the App as it connects with Chinese sources to social engineer your actions in the future when 5G predominates the global sphere. The social engineering would come form the 1,000 talent program, the 50 Centers, or other paid and influenced Chinese social engineering apparatus designed to alter the things and beliefs of people towards China’s Communist Regime, in turn subverting democracies. If China has put millions in camps for 20 plus years, and is known to kill their own citizens for their organs, all nations and peoples must expose everything and every business under the control for the safety of the worlds citizens.

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Cyrus A Parsa, The AI Oragnization