Facebook to Face Article 3 Genocide Convention for Censorship
Kittipong Kirasukhanont, Dreamstime

Complicity Clause in Article 3 and Censorship by Facebook AI

Facebook as a corporation may have a right to choose who can advertise what and the type of content they may permit, as long as they do not discriminate. But, what we are addressing are the Genocide Convention’s code under Article 3 that can charge a person or an organization with “complicity in genocide”. Moreover, if a corporation and its employees actively collude and engage in censorship of materials that expose crimes against humanity, the Genocide Clause would be able to criminally charge them at the appropriate time.

Nazi’s being criminally charged Today

As an example, even in their 90’s, former German folk who were part of the Nazi league or its employment, are now being charged under Article 3 of the Genocide Convention for complicity. Facebook Employees, including its founder and immediate family members who have working knowledge of the inner working of the platforms are subject to the same laws in Article 3.

Genocide in China & Facebooks AI Censorship

It is no secret the Chinese Communist Regime has been tracking civilians and engaging in organ trafficking by targeting Uighur, Christians, Falun Dafa Practitioners, Tibetans and Democracy Advocates. Many American and European Tech companies have had a hand in providing the Chinese Socialist Dictatorship the capabilities to sensor, track and apprehend such people for persecution and organ trafficking.

Will FaceBook, It’s Founders, Board of Directors, Managers and even its employees stop engaging in complicity in genocide and active censorship that would fall under Article 3?

Time is limited, and a lot of crimes in China will be disclosed systematically in the coming next few years. Do Facebook Directors and Employees have enough time to change and amend for their huge mistakes? Time is reaching a certain juncture. And with AI automation, Facebook is reaching dangerous territory. More to come on this section.