AI, President Trump and George Soros
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President Trump has done a splendid job rebuilding the military, creating the American AI Initiative and the U.S Space Force, all while under a barrage of constant digital attacks that act very similar to missiles sent by incompetent rogue terrorists. On the other spectrum, Mr. Soros, has given a few political challenges to President Trump through the years. Is that about the change for the benefit of humanity?

Mr. Soros Compliments President Trump on AI Initiative

Just this week, George Soros gave credit to President Trumps efforts on deterring China’s 5G Huawei Initiatives in the U.S, and providing a counter force to China’s One Belt One Road initiatives. Mr. Soros has been sounding the alarm bells since the beginning of this year about China’s AI Threat. Unbeknownst to Mr. Soros, We at the AI Organization indirectly gave him Intelligence about the AI Robotic’s Threat and numerous Automated Factories being built in China in preparation for the 5G network. We hoped that Mr. Soros would realize what The Trump Administration is doing behind the scenes, without telling him, that President Trump had a plan. It was enough to indirectly expose how China was tracking and attacking the citizens in China via AI and bio-metric tools.

Cooperation Between President Trump and Mr. Soros

President Trump has repeatedly stated, he “can work with anybody” as the leader of this great nation. Mr. Soros, reaching the latter part of his life, has a chance to do good with his foundation, and support President Trump’s AI Initiatives to protect the world from the many dangers it faces with AI Robotic Automation being used by a regime like China. A Regime that has roughly 6 billion peoples bio-metric data stored in their data base.

Innovative Ideas by the AI Organization

The AI Organization has numerous innovated ideas to assist the Administration and foundations that belong to folks like Mr. Soros. Cooperation between Democrats and Republicans, and an all out support for the Trump Administrations AI Initiatives are paramount to the safety of all Americans, and the people of the world. We outlined the emerging threats in the book AI, Trump, China & The Weaponization of Robotics with 5G.