Ivanka Trump AI Summit White House
Courtesy of Dreamstime

The Classy Ivanka Trump joined Suzette Kent and Kelvin Droegemeier yesterday for the White House AI Summit. Ivanka Trump spoke about the need for American AI Leadership, development of AI workforce skills and Governmental wide AI initiatives. Lt. Gen Jack Shanahan spoke about the Department of Defense’s Joint AI Center. “2020 is the year of AI for the department of defense, yet we have a long way to go” said Shanahan.

AI Threats From China

The need to understand what AI is, and the threats the U.S faces from China’s AI Weaponization goals are increasing day by day. The U.S led by the Trump Administration needs every American to be supportive in countering the threats from China and the emerging AI control via Western corporations. China has hundreds of thousands of researchers and developers working on AI each and everyday. With AI automation, it is inevitable that the U.S will have challenges if the Trump Administration does not garner the needed support to quickly advance its AI initiates in a way that does not give control of the U.S infrastructure to an AI system.

Robotics and AI Automation

The next coming golden age as described by the Department of Energy, is Robotics and AI Automation. The emerging threats we face from AI Robotic Automation must be realized by The U.S. Administration. History has given them a huge and tasking responsibility. Bio-Metric scanning and its privacy concerns via robotics would become an increasing concern once machines are mobilized via the 5G network. The Trump administration must be prepared for this. We at The AI Organization have a systematic plan of action to safeguard U.S and human interest above machines.

The AI Organization Seeks to Lead the Western World in AI Innovation Risk Management and Ethical Standards. We have published our emerging threats and futurist report in the book AI, Trump, China and The Weaponization of Robotics with 5G. We hope everyone can share this book to really understand what is AI, and the dangers of allowing it to develop unchecked.