Huawei 5G Robotics, Real Reason Trump is Fighting Huawei
Kittipong Jirasukhanont

One Belt One Road to Deploy Robotics with 5G

The Chinese Socialist Regime has a very simple and dangerous goal, dominate AI and take control of the worlds digital system via 5G. In order to enforce the platform, it needs a systematic process of incorporating the financial and governance sectors under a social tracking system that would be enforced through robotics and bio-digital control via media and corporate dominance.

Robotics used by HuaWei

Human detection and tracking software installed on robotics powered by AI Automation via the 5G network would deliver lighting speed targeting and control of people in imperceptible ways. If any person was deemed resistance or in non-compliance to the 5G networks AI Automated global governance, that person would be quarantined by a robot that would mark the person as a threat to the safety of the system and its citizens. It would be similar to the Chinese social credit system, but likened to an automated robot on steroids.

Scanning of Your Thoughts

MIT has developed tools that can detect a persons thoughts with wearable devices. A robot installed with the same capabilities powered by AI Automation would be superhuman and could be controlled by a corporation, a terrorist group, a government or by its own rogue evolving Deep Learning AI System.

AI Powered Robot Becomes Rogue with Deep Learning AI

Through Deep Learning, the robot does not have to become conscious to display objectives or actions that are rogue to its programming. In fact, it can evolve through bio-digital social programming, via its Deep Learning AI System. Once it achieves sustained programming, the AI Automated Robot would be able to scan, track, quarantine and even kill any human being it has marked for non-compliance to the AI System.

The AI Organization spent over a year researching over 500 Chinese AI, Bio-Metric and Robotics companies and their relationship to nearly 600 Western big tech companies. The results are alarming. Through an Algorithm, we found extinction codes in the system via China’s AI Automated Platforms based on their governance models. The book AI, Trump, China & The Weaponization of Robotics with 5G expounds on our research. Preview below

Cyrus A. Parsa, CEO, The AI Organization,