Media Press Victims of AI Bio-Digital Social Programming
Cyrus A. Parsa, Courtesy of Funtap P, Dreamstime, Media Victims of Bio-Digital Social Programming to Attack the Presidency

Bio-Digital Social Programming

What is Bio-Digital Social Programming? Bio-Digital Social Programming uses emotions, culture, touch, sound, sight, voice and proximity of bio-digital fields and bio-matter with written words, movies, music, and dance to social program a person or an entire society with a replicating software called Rape-Mind that uses bio-matter as a way to attack, and connect through the internet, the AI Global Bio-Digital Network, and the Human Bio-Digital Network. The AI Global Bio-Digital Network is the source of the attack that connects with the human body via all digital network’s transmissions through machines, robotics, computers, smart phones, smart cities, IoT devices, Facial Recognition and Artificial Intelligence.

The Media have a Difficult & Dangerous Job

Members of the press or media, have very complex environments. They require accountability, fact based reporting, while they are constantly being bombarded with an array of digital content, and the very many people vying for their attention or to use them for their self-interests. The complexities include cohort and management manipulation, special interest, public opinion, and their own internal sub-conscious and unconscious thoughts that form their questions and moves in acquiring a story. In a traditional sense, to be a part of the media, is a very respectable profession with great responsibility to the people. However, through the powerful dynamics of the digital age, there is a component I have coined, Bio-Digital Social Programming. This component has, to varying degrees made the people in the media, victims of bio-digital manipulation.

Media are Victims of bio-digital Manipulation

Special Interests behind the producers of networks have in recent decades used, pressured, or manipulated media members to take positions or personal interests in topics of national interests, that have assisted in creating revolutions in countries that brought misery to millions of people. Now, with AI Automation, and bio-digital content being transferred in imperceptible ways via computers, IoT and smart phones, the members of the media have become the biggest victims of bio-digital social programming. This programming powered by AI software, uses the persons bio-metric system against them to alter their thoughts through the flow cycle emitting via smart phones and digitally transmitted frequencies.

Media’s Wish to be Good and Just

We all grew up watching movies of heroic reporters who brought us stories that saved the day. A great deal of respect was allocated to the role of the member of the media, with class, dignity and wisdom being elements of their character. Through decades of constant bio-digital social programming, the profession has fallen victim to many nefarious elements behind the scenes that seek to hurt the media by implanting ideas that can hurt the masses of people. Corporations, Special Interest and Foreign Entities have been the mechanisms behind hurting, using and bio-digitally programming the good people in the media. China’s government and its apparatus are currently the main source in attempting to use one specific platform to administer full bio-digital social programming with AI through the media domestically and internationally.

Using Bio-Metric tools to Detect Bio-Digital Social Programming in Members of the Press

The AI Organization ran numerous facial recognition and other bio-metric scans to decode, detect and translate what type of bio-digital social programming made their very building blocks and where it originated from and for what purpose, that involved numerous algorithms. We discovered, the people in the media are truly victims of bio-digital social programming via the Human Bio-Digital Network. The digital content showed codes with replicating software that creates an additional digital brain within the sub-layers of their own brains that are meant to compute and transmit their own thoughts. Our book AI, Trump, China & The Weaponization of Robotics with 5G goes in detail how the media have for decades been targets of special interests, and have really been hurt, used, and weaponized. We scanned in a very large data base, over 1,000 key members of the press and media.

Cyrus A. Parsa,

CEO, The AI Organization,