Social Control
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Your smart phone, actually connects not only with the Internet, but to your Bio-Digital Human Network, Bio-Digital Field, and attacks your own Bio-Matter which gives you human characteristics. Any connection to you via IoT, Smart Phones, Smart Cities, and Computers connect with your bio-field creating a replicating software that reprograms you layer by layer in mostly an unconscious state that takes years under the current 4G-speeds which will exponentially increase its replication reprogram of you in 5G.

The smart phone actually sends out Bio-Matter in bits that is derived from the Bio-Digital Fields from the Internet. In fact, you are being slowly reprogrammed by the internet and its contents. Even if the contents are human in nature, the building blocks that support the content get replaced to varying degrees by the bio-matter replication process in the internet that does not have human characteristics of culture and the concept of a soul.  Basically, your building blocks that make you human are slowly being replaced bit by bit, as if you are becoming a cyborg and your life is becoming more dependent on the technology it connects with.  In a sense, you are being raped, but not in a sexual way, but raped of your building blocks that make you human.

Smart Phone Designed to Make You Addicted

We discovered that smart phones have been designed in a way that sends frequencies that attach to the Human Bio-Digital Network, instructing your brain to think of, look at, touch and engage with your cell phone as if a dog was being trained to obey. In fact, the programming we discovered, was a thousand times more powerful, than human conditioning of pets. The frequencies sent out are designed to create a flow cycle with the human bio-digital field and neural network, and reprogram a human being with an artificial neural network through a process of replication. In easy terms, you are under constant attack, and losing your free-will and being programmed, yet your skin receptors and brain are not warning you as the smart phone is designed to create a disconnect with your built in network meant to sub-consciously warn you of dangers. The reason this disconnect works, is because the programming is a step by step slow process that is administered through addictive prolonged use, which bypasses your senses.

Is there an innitiagive to Subvert Democracy in America By Big Tech or Weaponize China?

Through our research and investigations of over 1,000 Chinese and Western companies, we discovered that China’s Socialist state is the first place to begin preparation of full social control with the coming of robotics. In the West, its soft methods of social control, yet it is that big tech engineers and leadership don’t see it that way, they call it improving peoples lives with AI. Is it possible the Big Tech leadership and innovators are on an emotional drive to invent, achieve fame and make money, overlooking humanities safety? We have 2 books releasing our findings that go deep into it. One available below, and the other to be released in the latter part of October.

Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization

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AI, Trump, China & The Weaponization of Robotics with 5G