Chinese Surveillance
Cyrus A.Parsa, Photo Courtesy of Stefano Carnevali, Dreamstime

In the spring of 2019, we expanded our investigations of 1,000 Big Tech Chinese and Western Companies to Hikvision’s security camera’s in the U.S. I thought to investigate my suspicion that made in China camera’s that were banned in many parts of the world for espionage, exist close to the most powerful house in the world, the White House. The place all the U.S Presidents make decisions and send commands that changes history. We were shocked to find that the intelligence community had allowed hotels to have Hikvision camera’s in close proximity of the White House. Under mile. We reported our findings, through multiple channels privately and with immediate action, yet it was not fast enough. They still exist in some places.

Made in China products pose many threats to the American people and the world. They include espionage, IP theft, forced tech transfers, dependency on made in China goods, health hazards, and human tracking capabilities that leads to capture and or killing of individuals. The vulnerabilities are numerous, and with tech and Artificial Intelligence, they can transform to real threats that are beyond the current comprehension of the intelligence community, as they believe most areas in Artificial Intelligence to by Sci-Fi. We explained our findings to top U.S Military and intelligence community, after 6 months, it seems they are starting to catch on, but they are behind China in some crucial ways. Now, we don’t mean the U.S military and classified AI military projects, no that is not the case. The danger comes from the private sectors, and the interconnection with China.

Dehua Cemaras

Dehua is another Chinese company, along with Hikvision. They expanded to almost half the globe, including Australia, Zimbabwe, EU and the U.S. If you have made in China camera’s, we recommend you find a way to return them to the big chain retailers that sold them to you, and demand an exchange or write your congressman to demand camera’s be built in the U.S by tech companies that do not incorporate surveillance technology. This can be done under privacy and national security concerns, albeit a lot of U.S business’s and corporations are still enslaved by the Chinese interconnection that leads back to Beijing.

Filming Your Private Outings for Extortion

Numerous credible reports came in that the Chinese government was secretly filming Westerners. Westerner’s is a term Chinese like to use to refer to anyone that is not Chinese, which includes Americans, Europeans and other nationalities. The term they use is LaoWai. One key purpose of filming the LaoWai in the international markets is done to catch dirt or private actions in order to extort pressure, influence or bribery. This dirt includes big tech CEO’s, Engineers, Military and Politicians.

Cameras Connected to 5G, IoT and Smart Phones

With the coming of 5G and the interconnections with IoT and Smart Cities, made in China camera’s will pose the most damaging risk to the world. The fast rate of 5G and the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence, make it a monster to be reckoned with. To understand more about AI, Surveillance and Risks, get AI, Trump, China & The Weaponization of Robotics with 5G.

Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization