Organ Trafficking, Organ Harvesting Hunts by AI Facial Recogniton
Sergeybitos, Dreamstime

AI and Facial Recognition

China uses multiple big tech companies to supplement it’s security, police and military tracking apparatus. One such company is Mgveii Face++. Originally it was a facial recognition company that has transformed itself to an AI based platform similar to Huawei and Sensetime. Camera’s used are DeHua and Hikvision. You can find these all around the world. China has been able to improve its monitoring of its citizens capabilities with a huge human sample domestically with more than 300 million cameras installed in streets, schools, shopping centers, and any place humans congregate. It is truly a police state, led by an authoritarian socialist state known for murder, rape and numerous labor camps.

AI Speed Detection via Deep Learning

Because the Chinese AI systems are constantly being worked through sampling its citizens faces and other bio-metric components, the AI system improves the more practice it receives. It can take mere seconds for the system to decode your face or your body based on human detection apparatus. The human detection include gesture, face attribute, pose, and even how you move. Numerous technologies come together to track, and hunt Chinese citizens. And the Social Credit System is a big part of it.

Social Credit Powered by AI Apps

Payment gateways such as Alipay, and social media giants Wechat, record the peoples data, and send it back to the government data base. This data base gets accessed by the Socialist Platforms arm that reaches all citizens data, and private information. People are logged based on category, political leaning, faith, job, family relations, and in every which way you could image. Next, the government gives you a score. A lower score, makes you subject to control, detention or arrest if you go beyond the confines the government allows. This includes traveling to another city, meeting people that are marked by the regime, or saying anything the socialist regime deems inappropriate. These apps are powered by AI, that has an inter-connectivity between smart phones, IoT, the Apps and the Chinese Socialist Regime. The interconnection is not limited to Chinese apps, rather Data and privacy is stolen from Facebook and other American Social Media Apps.

People of Faith Targeted by AI

Since the 1980’s, the Chinese regime has been targeting people of faith for organ trafficking. Historically, the Chinese did not have a donation system larger than 3,000 a year. In 2006, Nobel Nominee’s David Matas and Secretary of State David Kilgour busted China’s Organ Trafficking ring. They highlighted that 42,500 organ transplants were unaccounted for, while only 3,000 organs were available for transplants per year, in all of China. They published an update in 2016 bringing the numbers of transplants that are unaccounted for to 60,000-100,000 transplants per year. And this summer, China was found guilty by a world tribunal of doctors, researchers and human rights activists gathered in England. Sec. of State Michael Pompeo cited 1 million Uighur’s in concentration camps recently and President Trump just spoke at the United Nations against religious persecution by governments, including their roles in committing murder. Through our research, we found that identification, tracking, hunting, and quarantine of human beings for organ trafficking by China’s regime exponentially increased with the use of Artificial Intelligence. To understand how AI and Bio-Metrics are used, and how AI moves, read our book: AI, Trump, China & The Weaponization of Robotics with 5G.

Cyrus A Parsa, The AI Organization