Hypersonic Missiles to Afghanistan
Cyrus A. Parsa, Photo Credit, Source Mark Milstein, Dreamstime

Recent developments in Afghanistan have created a great deal of interest and excitement within the Chinese military at the highest levels. The CCP seeks to challenge, confuse, deter and eliminate the U.S as the world super power by any means necessary. And they see the Taliban and Afghanistan’s rich minerals as the key to accomplishing this via proxy terrorism. This is done by funding, training, infrastructure building, and aiding in weapons technology transfer in exchange for raw minerals.

Our intelligence verified to us that the CCP seeks to arm the Taliban with Hypersonic Missiles and AI guided technology to export wars within the Middle East in order to divert American military and focus to the region as the CCP increases it’s militarization and expansion in the Far-East and grows power within.

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Their goal is to make Afghanistan a state dependent on Chinese technology, weapons, and advisory. Thus, controlling Afghanistan’s opium, raw minerals, and geopositioned advantage to cause proxy terror or wars to chip away at the America’s reach by mobilizing the Middle East against the West. The Chinese Regime puts Muslims, Christians, Falun Dafa Practitioners, Tibetans, and common citizens in concentration camps. Who is to say they will not do that to Afghanistan in 10-20 years time if the CCP is not eliminated and replaced by a free and civil government ruling China?

The Chinese Regime is the biggest Threat to all the world’s citizens. The CCP is more like a terror organization, rather than a governing body.

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