The CCP Bioweapon Plot to Kill the U.S President

2018-2019 Chinese Bioweapon Lab Discussions Declassified from our Surveillance

In late 2018, our surveillance systems picked up conversations and activities of lab technicians inside of China and the Chinese military special operations bioweapon programs. There were multiple labs. In one lab particular, there were discussions and transmissions we picked up that discussed developing and releasing a bioweapon on the U.S President, Donald. J. Trump, his White House and key republican allies to shift the tide back into the favor of the CCP global agenda. These discussions took place in two labs, in 2019 as well as late 2018.. The idea was that it would be invisible and have a long term negative affect on the President, his family, the elections, the White House and Secret Service. This long term affect would be undetectable and resemble an illness or flue that would cause organ failure if not caught in time. In essence, the assassination would not lead back to the CCP, rather look like a natural illness that causes chaos in and around The Trump White House and Administration. Other discussions that took place involved developing Darpa/ Draper style miniature drones to deliver the poison as a last resort alternative to the bioweapon. One key discussion that took place involved using the bioweapon to gain the upper hand in the AI global race. Knowing this, I began a covert process to reveal the grand picture in early 2019.

But Why Launch a Bioweapon on President Trump?

Our surveillance picked up conversations regarding military and lab technicians worries of Trumps stance on China’s trade, Huawei, BRI (Belt and Road), military and highlighting the CCP genocide of Falun Dafa, Ughur, Christian, Tibetan and democracy advocates in China. The CCP heads were very worried the world will find out about their concentration and death camps. They were not only worried of losing their power over the nation, but losing the AI 5G Smart City Grid Systems race that could eventually link up to satellites with the Chinese version of “Space Force”.

Hitting Trump with Bioweapon to Interfere with Elections

In my Secret Service Report, I highlight the 5 steps the Trump administration must take before the elections because our surveillance systems picked up conversations and plans that outlined Pres. Trump would be hit by the Bioweapon prior to the election to knock him out in order for the CCP to be able to control or dominate the world by influencing the Biden administration or liberal side who were perceived as the weaker candidate that would allow our nation to do business with China after Genocide is declared or succumb to Orwellian technocratic rule connected to Davos, Silicon Valley and big tech.

The only way I could have known about the Bioweapon, Great Reset, and the exact timing of it and taken the steps that I did to publish and submit reports is either a time machine or advanced surveillance systems that are backed up by our reports, books, documentaries, federal lawsuits, tweets, interviews depicting exactly what happened in the future and in the exact time that I warned and predicted.

In June, 2019, My secret service report stated Bioweapon-poison released within 6 months to 1 year, and world enslaved within 1-2 years with AI Orwellian enslavement via China and Big Tech. The bioweapon hit within 6 months, and world locked down within 1 year. This was the plan of the CCP as picked up by my surveillance and our tools developed which were verified by my Chinese military contacts linked inside of China as early as Feb, 2019 to be a real and present danger. I was told, by my Chinese contact my security analysis, and surveillance detection apparatus picked up accurate subjects inside of China and actual covert plans with the bioweapon designed to take out the U.S president and other world leaders.

Evidence Chronology of How We Knew and What Steps we Took to Warn of the Bioweapon meant for President Trump and World Domination AI Agenda.

We used surveillance systems to detect not just their conversations, but exactly what they were working on and how the bioweapon was composed by mixing humans and animals with the help of Artificial Intelligence systems. I published how the virus was made and how it replicates in my books prior to the bioweapon release in late 2019. We also detected the about time of the bioweapon release in 2019 with our advanced technological apparatus. Here is a partial chain of evidence that we gave information on whether in part or in whole of our findings to credible actors. Here are just a few out of many.

Feb. 2109. DHS San Diego Contact. I stated “In a Lab, the Chinese Regime is developing an invisible weapon meant to be released on President Trump and the world, and to usher in control over the world with AI, Transhumanism and Smart Cities.

Feb, 2019- I reported to my Chief Editor Contact at the Epoch Times, Joshua Philip, that I had intel of an invisible bioweapon “Poison” from China meant to be used on President Trump and the World to usher in control over Artificial Intelligence, digital tracking tools, and interfere with the Elections.”

March-April 2019. I Wrote coded Emails to the White House stating that China is working on something to use on the President and requested private audience with President Trump and the Secrete Service director to describe when, how and why in order to counter the bioweapon threat.

April 2019. Fmr. CIA Covert Ops Director. I gave him a general brief that China is endangering the world with AI, Bioweapons and that the final report will be given in the summer.

June, 2019. Gave the Secret service 5 page Brief- “Bioweapon/Poison to be released on President Trump, White House and the world within 6-12 months, and than global enslavement, ask the President to Talk to Cyrus in Private”

Brief stated an invisible poison will be launched on President Trump, his cabinet, family, White House and that one method the CCP was planning is small drones. But the real danger and method that will go through the White House and hit President Trump undetected, is so tiny your surveillance will not pick it up. That I will only tell President Trump, Pompeo, Pence, and Secret Service director in private how it is being designed, and when it is being launched. I emphasized that they must make 5 moves, the last one prior to the election because it was designed to hit President Trump right before the election to cause chaos. The 5 moves, depended on them speaking to me in person to either stop it prior to launch, or counter it after with mitigated methods I had planned. 4 out of the 5 moves were made. The fifth one, declaring’s Genocide in China was not done by Pompeo until after the elections and after President Trump was hit by the bioweapon mainly because of the resistance of the media, silicon valley, wall street, and the constant political attacks by the democratic leadership on the U.S President, Donald J. Trump. After 2020, the Biden administration continued with step 5 naming Uighur and Falun Dafa practitioners, yet not mentioning Tibetan and Christians in camps as additions. The biggest victims of organ harvesting were cited as the Falun Dafa practitioners in Genocide disclosures. Countering CCP AI bioweapon global smart city agenda was step 1. The document had typed portions, portions filled in with ink, and 1 sheet talking about the bioweapon completely hand written. Secret Service took pictures of them and sent it up the chain as they were addressed to the President and higher ups.

June, 2019, Brief given to Trump contact in D.C “Invisible weapon will be launched to interfere with elections, or kill President Trump, hurt his family, and that it will move from one person to another in the White House undetected causing chaos” He gave it to the Secret Service.

June 15th, 2019, CIA Covert Ops Director, 62 page Report CCP Threatens the World with Bioweapons, AI Transhumanism Orwellian enslavement on smart cities including bioengineering and cybernetics. 41 companies were provided intelligence on.

August 24, 2019 Book 1 -AI, Trump, China and the Weaponization of Robotics with 5G- “World in danger. China and Big Tech with Micro-Botic Terrorism (Bioweapon) and AI smart city transhumanism enslavement on 5G and 6G networks linking to satellites, digital ID’s, vaccine passports”. Only media that considered it and gave social media support was the Epoch Times Joshua Philip whom I told of the Plot to launch the bioweapon against President Trump in Feb, 2019. Jan Jekielek Chief Editor, the main decision maker began to read that book and my next book Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity covering AI, Bioengineering, Robotics, 5G, Smart Cities, Space Force, the Bioweapon, DNA theft, and Orwellian surveillance linking to digital tattoos and mandatory vaccines. No other media would consider it, other than Maria Barlitomo pressing like on a tweet.

Oct 15, 2019. NTD reports on our CCP Endangering world with AI, surveillance via Hong Kong.

October 20, 2019. Book Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity. Ending stated Invisible weapon to be launched on Trump and the world from CCP in order to get him out of the U.S presidency to shift the tide” This came from my surveillance of the labs in China, and other investigations. 50 companies showing the bioweapon and the Great Reset was depicted in stages for next decade on smart cities with AI and machines dominating the worlds peoples perceptions and civil rights. The only media that approved it was the NTD and Epoch Times, and smaller places like Info Wars who had me on after NTD Hong Kong piece on part of my intelligence from China.

Oct 2019, PR News Wire Removes Press Release stating China is immediate threat to the world with Bioweapons, and global AI Enslavement linking to big tech.They called my book “Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity slanderous to China and big tech”

Oct-Nov-2019 Wrote emails and spoke on the phone with Trump’s Chief AI Tech Advisor’s (Michael Kratsios” assistant, stating I need to speak to Pres. Trump immediately, the world is in imminent danger, and that Pres. Trump will be upset if I do not get through right now.

Nov 2019, PR News Wire Removes Press Release stating CCP is launching an invisible weapon on Trump and his White House, and one method is drones, and it is meant to shift the tide and remove his administration.

Nov, 5th, 2019, 14 of 17 copies of the Book Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity arrives to President Trumps team and other key people in the pentagon and his AI department. Many companies and apps in my book started to be banned by the Trump administration on national security concerns. Many more came directly from my 62 page report that went to the White House and Pentagon in different ways from the CIA Covert Ops Director.

In November I detected that something was released from China that endangered the World, so I took it to the next level. Because The Trump Administration was completely bogged down with constant attacks by the media and hunts of impeachment as I was attempting to get an audience with the President to secretly allow him to counter the bioweapon and mitigate the losses, I launched the Endangering the World’s People CCP AI Bioweapon Lawsuit, keeping John Does that were hunting his administration secret as they were causing President Trumps team and good people in the intelligence community not to focus on the immediate threat from China.

December 19, 2019- World’s people Endangered lawsuit that reached over 200 nations. 52 pages, other 35 pages were hidden to give time to counter the cover ups in the labs of China, among other things. AI, Biotech, Bioengineering, Genocide, Tech Tyranny warning all linked to China CCP.

Feb, 24, 2020, World Endangered by CCP Lawsuit amended complaint releasing some big name John Does linking bioweapon to funding the labs in China, genocide, surveillance, AI, bioengineering, and transhumanism Orwellian endangerment of the world’s people in stages during lock down and next 20 years.

Within one lab, our surveillance showed 3 people working on a bioweapon. 2 were male, 1 was female. And there were more. We know exactly who was involved, and it is earth shattering. It is not hurtful to the liberal elites or conservatives elites, rather to the CCP. I have known this since 2019.

The CCP Bioweapon Plot to Kill the U.S President revealed by Cyrus A. Parsa of The AI Organization with the supporting track of published books, reports, Secret Service document, and findings prior to the release of the CCP Wuhan Bioweapon and “The Great Reset” are a chain of evidence that all came true. Anyone who has a conscience, and can put the chain of time stamped reports together, would make this story globally known so we can all get to the truth of the lab for everyone to see.

As an outsider, I didn’t’ just work 20 hours a day for 2 years straight on behalf of the U.S president Donald J. Trump, and his Family, rather You, the world’s people. Anyone from this point, who avoids bringing attention to my reports, books, and allegations, is either hiding something, involved, supports the CCP or enjoys seeing people around the world going hungry, mandated vaccine passports, deaths from the CCP bioweapon, and want’s the U.S President to fail, and all my time stamped reports kept secret from the public. Everyone must know what the Lab Military operations in control of the CCP were planning against the U.S President, Donald J. Trump, other world leaders, the world’s people and how I created a chain of evidence that leads back to the CCP. The Plot to Kill the U.S President.

I am prepared for interviews now to disclose who was behind the Bioweapon and a lot more about what happened in the lab, what our surveillance picked up and thereafter. The Secrets of all Secrets. The Plot to Kill the U.S President and Dominate the World with A.I.

Declassified, Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization, 7-26-21