Robotics and Face++ Megvii
Kittipong Jirasukhanont, Dreamstime

Why would a Facial Recognition Company that transitioned to AI, suddenly purchase so many Robotic Factories all over China? Face++ promotes their open source software in the U.S and around the world, giving it access to peoples bio-metric data directly and indirectly. On the website of Face++, the company plainly states that they are bound by Chinese Government law, and your private data is in accordance to the Chinese Communist Regimes laws and control.

Megvii Face++ Wants 1 billion robots by 2025

Megvii’s CTO stated that he wants 1 billion robots by the year 2025. Face++ states that it is their mission to “empower the world with AI”. How can they empower the world with AI when the Chinese Communist Regime and its military have complete control over any person or corporation whenever they so please? Moreover, numerous reports out of China have been coming in describing how people of faith and ethnic minorities are being captured and used for organ trafficking with AI automated Facial Recognition software. They include Christians, Falun Dafa Practitioners, Uighur’s and Tibetans. The capture programs are not limited to only people of faith. More will be disclosed in upcoming articles. Our concern with this article is the robotics program in China, and we are addressing only one companies mission that is intertwined with China’s murderous Communist Regime.

Ares, God of War

Is it a simple coincidence that Megvii Face++ purchases a robotics company named after the Greek God of War? Should this not set off alarm bells? Megvii Face++ has bio-metric tools such as facial recognition, voice, body, gesture and skeleton recognition. They also have emotional detection software with face attributes. These capabilities we found are being installed on robots in China for the purpose of weaponization of robotics with 5G. You can read our book on China, AI, Robotics and 5G below.