China can dominate Iran with Drones and Robotics on 5G
Kings Tower, Cyrus A. Parsa, Courtesy of Burt Johnson & Lulius Costache, Dreamstime

The relationship between Iran (Persia) and China (Middle Kingdom) goes back 2300 hundred years to the Qing Dynasty’s first dispatch of exploratory missions to Persia. The ancient Chinese and Greeks described in their literature the Persians as a tall, blue eyed, and blondish/reddish curly haired peoples, with advanced infrastructure and governance operating a diverse culture of more than 27 ethnicities within the Empire.

Persepolis, Gate of All Nations and Sub-Sequent Connection to Silk Road

Cyrus A. Parsa, Courtesy of Flavijus and Fotokon, Dreamstime, Gate of All Nations

The silk road started the golden age between the Persians and Chinese, that impacted the entire planet. Scholarly, religious, technological, medical and cultural exchange benefited both Empires until the Mongols used the silk road to invade, ravage, rape and murder 90% of the Persian and Roman people after the Arab invasions. Arabs and the Chinese became victims as well. The Chinese and Persians were enslaved with lightening speed drone like capabilities on horseback. Like packs of wolves, they raped and massacred 10s of million of people. You see the emotional baggage and chaos today left over from the massive rapes, defilement of peoples mothers, daughters, sisters and wives by the Mongols and their Chinese infantry. It was a way to embarrass Persia, and hurt the pride of an entire nation, so that they can submit and be ruled.

AI Bio-Metric Scans Show Iranians Horrors Experienced in their Past

Cyrus A. Parsa, Courtesy of Luril Morov, Dreamstime

AI bio-metric scans of the Iranian peoples have discovered that those memories carry over through generations via a variety of elements that compose a human being. As a matter of fact, the rapes are not only in the middle East and Persian blood, facial recognition and bone structure from their offspring, it is engrained in their DNA as it attaches to their psychological make up through their bio-metrics. There is a concept in Persian called Gheirat, which no English word can describe, other than using chivalry in an entire article to expound on it. In a brief, Persian and Middle Eastern men historically have not wanted other men to speak or look at their wives or girlfriends. This has also existed in Ancient China and Europe. Since this is about AI, and its historic relevance to the silk road and the new silk road, I will not explain further. However, this Gheirat, has its insecurity and fear built in the DNA of the Persian people via their sub-conscious make up that taps into their cells to extract the horrors their ancestors experienced. As the middle east was invaded by practically everyone, including Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Mongols, and so on.

China Builds Robots Powered by AI on 5G Network with Human Targeting Systems

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The historical precendence is relavant today, as those invasions are repeating themselves in an invisible fashion via corporate infiltration of Iran and political infiltration of the Iranian government via China’s transfer of military technology. This connection creates an interdependence and an inroad for China to take over Iran’s infrastructure through technology interdependence. In a way, it is a silent rape of Iran, and massive rape of Iran’s future with 5G, Drones, Facial Recognition and Robotics controlled by Chinese companies that answer to one government. Today, China has been taken over by an Orweallian murderous Communist State that has control of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, 5G, bio-engineering, facial recognition, smart phones, IoT’s, smart cities and one systematic socialist platform that an AI digital brain can control and enslave every single person on the BRI, redoing the horrors of the Silk Road for one last time. The Uighurs in China, are actually a mix of Persian, Arab, Mongolian and Chinese peoples, that make up a Turkic tribe.

China Puts Uyghurs Muslims, Christians, Falun Dafa, Tibetans & Democracy Activists in Camps

Concentration Camp
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Uyghurs are currently housed in concentration camps, and like the House Christians, Falun Dafa Practitioners, Tibetans, they are blood tested, facial recognition taken, and tagged with a social credit system by the Chinese government with use of their technological capabilities provided by their corporations in China. If they do this to their own people, and high ranking Communist officials call Middle Easterners Rats, Indians color of Shit, Blacks Apes, and Whites Dumb Pigs, how foolish can the Iranian government be, and more so the Western Tech companies? We have evidence of these, and you can ask the Chinese, their leadership for years has been saying these things. As pointed out in the book “Artificial Intelligence, Dangers to Humanity, I was in China during 911, there were parties everywhere celebrating the death of 3,000 Amercians. Not one Western news outlet reported it. You ask the Chinese in America who don’t support that monstrous regime, they will vouch for this. As many Chinese living abroad are approved by the Chinese government, or their parents enjoy monetary and corporate benefit through the entanglement with the Chinese regime via corporate obedience. Hence, hundreds of millions of Chinese, you do not hear of, live in a police state, used by the regime and the corporations that it controls. People in America and Euroope, hardly have a chance to see or hear these perspectives and realities.

China Steals Iranians Private Facial, Voice & Family Data Installed on Networks and Machines

Cyrus A. Parsa, Courtesy of Wit-Olszewski, Dreamstime

China is acquiring almost all of the Iranian peoples bio-metric data, including voice and facial recognition through the made in China products, the Iranian usage of apps, smart phones, IoT and most of all, the Iranian regimes use of Chinese imported technology. China is acquiring most of the Iranian peoples private family bio-metrics, including home addresses and the peoples behavior characteristics. These data are being put in a super computer that can connect to the digital AI brain on the 5G network that would allow China or its corporations to control machines, robotics, and drones to surveille, track, control, hunt or kill the Iranian people. The Islamic Republic of Iran claims to be an Islamic entity. If so, why would it deal with a Communist state? More so, a government that puts Muslims in camps? Of course, the regime leaders are old, they want to ensure they fend off America or other powers attempts to overthrow them, giving freedom to the majority of the population. But their foolishness, is endangering all Iranians via corporate exchange with China. This is the same with the Turkic nations surrounding Iran and Afghanistan. America may want regime change, China on the other hand has 1.5 billion people, needs land, resources and will crush anyone in its way when the timing is right and its power unchecked.

Huawei AI
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Huawei & Many Chinese Companies Plans to invade the Middle East

Huawei is in over 170 countries, and attempting to service the world with their 5G network they stole from America and the West. They connect with multiple drone companies, robotics companies, search engines, and bio-metric companies. Through this interconnection, china can enslave Iran and the Middle East on the BRI as it connects to the 5G network. The Iranian regime, Iranian businessmen, including the other middle eastern countries, are trapping their own people in a way similar to the traitors in history past that gave an advantage to the invading army that smashed and exterminated Persia and its people. To understand the whole picture, with a list of companies, what they do, and how it relates to the whole world, read ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, Dangers to Humanity

Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization