Third Eye of Pineal Gland
Cyrus A. Parsa, Courtesy of Decade3d, Dreamstime

The AI Organization’s AI bio-metric scans of the human brain have decoded a bio-logical structure in the pineal gland that interconnects throughout the neural network of the human brain. We have termed the entire interconnection as the Human Bio-Digital Network, as outlined in the book ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Dangers to Humanity. Google researchers, some CIA operatives and Air Force prototype fighter pilots have used wearable devices that interconnects with the pineal gland in order to control IoT’s, networks or an airplane with their mere thought alone. Historically it was deemed as a process of connecting with brain waves on wearable devices, yet the Pineal Gland is a very key component to this process. For decades scientists have been baffled as to the reason why the Pineal Gland carries components similar to an eye, yet no real physical eye exists in the forehead. Some scientists claim before humans evolved to modern humans, we may have had one single eye. Ancient meditation practices that depict energy channels and charts going back over 1,000 years in India, China, and through folklore in Persia, all point to the human brains telepathy, precognition and ability to connect with the digital virtual world or other capacities to extract information. Yet, in modern times, not many examples or evidence can be sourced from human based abilities without the use of wearable tech devices.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality Devices Can Connect to the Human Bio-Metric System
Cyrus A. Parsa, Courtesy of Wave Break Media, Dreamstime

Through our research, we discovered that neural networks connect through the pineal gland and assist the brain in using wearable devices in virtual, augmented and mixed reality. These create a flow cycle with the Human Bio-Digital Network. The tech industry to varying degrees have already discovered that the human brain is the most powerful computer on the planet. Albeit, they have not been able to discover how to tap into it without using wearable devices, quantum computing or making human beings cybernetically enhanced with surgical neural implants that allow you to tap into areas of your brain for telepathy, and connection with the internet.

Google Digital You on 5G Connected to Pineal Gland

Wearable Device that Can Connect to Googles Digital Brain
Cyrus A. Parsa, Courtesy of Wave Break Media, Dreamstime

Google is working on a digital brain with a digital you that can be accessed with wearable devices that connect with your Third Eye or Pineal Gland as to provide you with the ability to have a smart phone attached to your head, rather than to your hand. Our research and AI brain scans discovered numerous dangers to cybernetics and wearable head devices not limited to strokes, heart attacks, and neurological disorders. Our main findings pointed to human beings thoughts being controlled and manipulated with the content and AI Digital software provided by Google and other tech companies. In fact, areas in the brain that involve reason, rationality and the capacity to have free-formed thoughts are overwritten with wearable devices as they connect to the internet via 5G. In a sense, the person will seem more intelligent and capable, but at a micro level, they become a controlled zombie guided by AI. This process involves a replication process of your cells. Something we interconnect and discuss in detail in the book “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Dangers to Humanity

Third Eye in Antiquity, Martial Arts & Qi Gong

The Wudang Internal Mart Arts such as Tai Qi, (Tai Chi) Bagua, Pigua, and Bagi, all aim to open up channels in the body that connect people with super human powers with abilities that can penetrate and see through walls or across continents just like modern AI Scanning Technology that the military uses. Usually with Qi Gong practices and Wudang Schools, they put strong emphasis on meditation, practice and the improvement of ones character to a point that the person seeks no desires such as lust, fame and is void of human emotion to be able to achieve access to the human pineal glands neural networks interconnection.

Mystical Relevance in Antiquity

Cyrus A. Parsa, Courtesy of Aragiannis, Radio Faka, Karapanagiots, Ahura Mazda, Hybrid Greek Guardian and Greek God of Light

In antiquity, numerous Chinese Taoist and Buddhist scribes touch on these abilities innate in the human body and brain. The Indian Baghavad Gita, the Jewish Kabala, Zoroastrain Avestan, and the Tibetan Book of the Dead also have relevance. Mevlana Rumi, the famous Persian poet used hidden Persian language to describe these abilities in his poetry. Any surface reference connecting with meditation, disciplines of mind or Persian traditions rooted in faith, were outlawed by the invading Islamic theocracy that took hold of Persia, and Rome. Hence, the poetry seems mystical, rather than a more direct referenced approach. The great Poet Hafez, was another form of mystical reference.

Third Eye on Buddhist Statue Depicted Leading to Pineal Gland

Bhudda Statue Depecting Third Eye leading to Pineal Gland
Cyrus A. Parsa, Courtesy of Nortophoto, Dreamstime, KAMAKURA, JAPAN,

The most recent and relevant book combining science, and historic referencing, is by the Qi Gong Discipline Falun Dafa, written in its text, Zhuan Falun. This book spends about 40 pages on chapter 2, describing the third eye and the pineal gland, albeit the book in its entirety interconnects with this component that exists in the human brain that Elon Musk and nuaralink are working on. What is interesting is that China slandered this practice to over 2 billion people in the late 90’s and beyond, after initially promoting its super intelligence abilities in new frontier science. They had approached the founder to monetize and create a membership under the Communist Regime, which was declined under the premise that the practice be free to humanity and not charge for its teachings. What is shocking and most interesting is that currently the Communist regime of China is putting wearable devices on school kids foreheads that attach to the kids Pineal Gland via its frequency, while the teacher in the schools ask the kids to meditate. After wearing the device, many kids commented that the area in their middle forehead hurt. That area is the location that leads to the pineal gland, also known as the Third Eye or the Celestial Eye in mystical thought. While the kids are strapped to these devices, a computer is scanning the kids thoughts, while the device is extracting data from the child. The company doing this in China is an American company. The Wallstreet Journal Reported on this in September. Direct video here.

The regime of China discounted the pineal gland and the third eye as explained more than 20 years ago in the book Zhuan Falun. Yet, now big tech and China is working on the same thing that was once considered pseudo science by many genius Ph.D’ and the people with degrees that society depended on to have supreme intelligence and wisdom to support their discourse as leaders of our society and shun any ideas they could not phantom, understand or have the predisposition to reach. Those Ph.D’s and world renowned scholars, university researchers who were backed with endowments and millions of dollars. All their money, Ph.D’s, and research, stated that it was superstitious, and yet, science with AI and bio-metric scanning apparatus, is validating its existence and countering the recent approach, “if we don’t see it, it doesn’t exist. But using a different route, one that puts machines inside the human brain to activate the areas in the brain that people in antiquity attempted to do so via meditation and ethical principles and standards that that was beyond human instinctual drives. This interconnection of machines, cybernetics and people, is really a danger to humanity in numerous ways, beyond nuclear weapons.

Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization

To know how this interconnects with 5G, IoT, Smart Phones, AI and Robotics, please read ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Dangers to Humanity