A few steps remain for China’s plans for a military expansion into Taiwan with the incorporation of an AI Digital Brain that can connect to the 5G network to power drones, machines, robotics, surveillance systems, and total control of the Taiwanese people. Through IP theft, forced tech transfers, espionage, social engineering, open-source sharing, collaborations, investments, and mergers, China’s government has put their tentacles into every country, and every domain and sphere that incorporates trade, and human existence.

Chips to Empower AI Weaponry

Cyrus A. Parsa, Courtesy of Shou Feng, Dreamstime

China’s moves against Taiwan and the West links Chip Makers (TSMC) for AI guided Weapons that interconnect Huawei, Baidu, Megvii Face ++ , Sensetime, and numerous tech companies. These tech companies interlink with social engineering of U.S democratic politicians, the penetration of KMT by Chinese and Taiwanese implants, with the laying of the massive groundwork to control Taiwan with AI automated drones, robotics & smart cities on the 5G network. This interconnection includes soft power initiative’s at a global level to social engineer reporters, media, politicians, corporate tech leaders and the Chinese citizens to imprint a mental impression that China’s 70 year track record of concentration camps, one party system, torture, rape, and Orwellian surveillance, will not transfer over to worldwide Chinese subjugation of humanity.

Social Engineering for the World to Trust China

Global World Map Double Exposure Network. Telecommunication, International business Internet and technology concept.

The social engineering also makes the implication, “Chinese government stands by its contracts and words”, yet they are breaking their agreement by invading Hong Kong and embedding soldiers within the Hong Kong populous, including Hong Kong police. Once Machines, Drones, and Robotics are introduced, people will undergo Bio-Digital Social Programming. A very sophisticated form that involves machines and 5G. Something explained and interconnected in numerous ways throughout the book, ARTIFICIAL INTELLGIENCE, Dangers to Humanity.

U.S F35 Fighter Jet Semi-Conductor Plant can be Highjacked

Cyrus A. Parsa, Courtesy of Brett Critchley Dreamstime F35 Lockeed Martin

Taiwanese Controlled Corporations in U.S.A & Europe

The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, TSMC produces chips that have applications for satellites, aircraft, tanks, rockets, ships, drones and network communications. Numerous big tech, media and Taiwanese businessmen are influenced or controlled by China inside of the Unites States and at a global level. Our investigations found key figures in Los Angeles China Town Areas, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Houston and Washington DC. These individuals have connections with China, Taiwan, and Western entities. This interconnection is a national security concern for the U.S, as well as the country of Taiwan, which carries the Chinese spirit and culture more closely than the gang who raped China and sacked its government in 1949 with a foreign ideology that put Russia, China and North Korea in Misery for decades. Chinese, Taiwanese and Western businessmen who have traveled to certain islands for sex within the Fareast, including gambling casinos, or have business ties with China are either controlled, influenced or at risk for corporate take over by China. Many CEO’s and investment heads are involved in activities that involve Chinese operatives.

U.S Administrations Historical Perceptions: Hyenas are Panda Bears

Courtesy of Joe Sohm and Max Herman, Dreamstime

The Administrations of Clinton, Bush, and Obama were curtailed by China each and every time the U.S voiced concern over reports of censorship, labor camps and even organ harvesting. In 2000, Clinton thought the WTO would allow an Orwellian Socialist State to transform to a democracy via free trade and investment. Bush got bogged down with 911 thinking little Iraq will bring about doomsday, and the coming of Christ, fulfilling a prophecy, completely ignoring China with low IQ advisors. By the time Obama came into power, his socialist platform attempted to melt into China, thinking Socialism will domesticate Hyena’s and Wolves into cute Panda Bears. His leniency allowed China to rape America, Europe and Africa, while weakening the American military.

Socialist Mainland Chinese Taking Over Chinese Companies in Hong Kong and Taiwan

Mainland Chinese Businessmen taking over Chinese Companies in Democratic Companies Valeriy Kachaev, Dreamstime,

As we see in China and Hong Kong, a businessmen or board for a company gets replaced by China with one command from city or provincial Communist Headquarters. On other occasions, they forcefully implant Chinese ministers who extract technology in the interim, until full control is realized. Taking over Hong Kong and Taiwan not only enslaves a free peoples, but gives Communist China key access to ports, and AI based chips with huge military implications that can allow China to take over Macau, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, and threaten Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Japan in key innovative ways. Once this is done, it makes a military solution from the U.S and the Allies, a very difficult choice as China would hostage the Hong Kong and Taiwanese peoples. Hence, any Taiwanese businessmen that deals with China or a Western company involved with Chinese companies, is actually putting all of the Taiwanese citizens at risk, including their own lives in the long run.

China’s Push For Impeachment of President Trump putting Lives at Stake

Cyrus A. Parsa, Trump and China in Pawn Wars, Sergii Gnatiuk, Dreamstime

As of today, The Trump administration has attempted to avoid every war around the world or conflict that China attempts to use as diffusion via proxies in order to stall, so that it can advance forward with its colonial expansionist tech maneuvers. Iran and North Korea are used as military proxies, while half the world is used as China’s pawns to put financial and emotional pressure on the U.S or entrap corporations with investment. Numerous Chinese business’s have put initiatives in place that social engineers democratic or left leaning people in the U.S to attack the Trump Administration. It is a hybrid asymmetrical warfare using media, technology sectors, education and government to manipulate masses of people in the U.S for division as to weaken the U.S position on the global stage. Everytime Trump makes a move behind the scenes to curtail China or assist the people in the concentration camps, the Chinese manipulate low IQ people to attack the Presidency as a difussion.

Taiwan Presidential Election: 23 Million Taiwanese, A Message for You.

China is attempting to use big tech, many of your corporate CEO’s, media outlets, visiting students, and naïve western businessmen to subvert your elections and knock out your President. She is the main one standing for Taiwan. Any person stating you should have partnership with China, is hastening the destruction of Taiwan. All Taiwanese need to mobilize now, rather than wait like the Hong Kong people. Also, any place that does business with China and refuses to expose China’s concentration camps, persecution and organ harvesting of Christians, Falun Dafa practitioners, Tibetans, Uyghurs, and Democracy activists, are not only complicit in crimes against humanity, but are in support of human rights abuses by virtue of doing business with China. This complicity allows for China to advance.

China has All Taiwanese Bio-Metric Data

Almost 7 Billion Peoples Bio-Metrics
Macrovector | Dreamstime.com

Moreover, after the Presidential election China can start to make heavy moves on Taiwan as it knows the details of every citizen there. In fact, China has all of your bio-metric data, including facial, voice and numerous human tracking components. They extracted this through Hikvision, Dehua Cameras, your business partnerships, social media platforms, and the Western corporate interconnectivity. If you allow for further trade, and collaboration via your business’s and foolish politicians that say you need Communist China, you leave the U.S very little room to come to your rescue. Your bio-metric data, including facial recognition can be downloaded by robotics of all kinds, humanoid robots, drones, machines and wearable devices by Chinese soldiers who are cybernetically enhanced. All by connecting to a 5G network. The take over of your country and freedoms would be fast and precise.

Drones & Robotics With AI Automation


China is building millions of drones and robotics meant for war, and it has over 6 billion peoples bio-metric data stored for future access. The data also includes your family, where you live, and your character and beliefs. Taiwan would be the new Xinjiang, as the majority of Taiwanese were born in a free society. The feeling of China’s take over, is something that Hong Kong is starting to taste.

Chinese Extracted Insect Drone Technology From Draper & Wyss Institute

Micro-Botic Terrorism
Brett Critchley, Dreamstime

Moreover, the Chinese are working on developing micro-botic robo bee drones, that can be infused with poison using AI automation to assassinate your president or key people in the near future. Hence, immediately, the entire world needs to point at China’s concentration camps, stop doing business with China until the Communist regime falls. The Taiwanese citizens, for their own safety need to completely stop all business with China, and completely support the U.S administration and make the democratic party supporters realize the gravity. Yet, the people leading the democratic party have been in power for over 30 years and have not done much to protect Taiwan and Hong Kong infiltration and sovereignty during the Clinton, Bush and Obama years. Yet, the Trump Administration has made numerous moves to protect the world from China’s Orwellian advancement in AI, tech, robotics and 5G initiatives. However, half the country is mobilized to interfere with the Presidents efforts to save you. Hence you need to make the Westerners understand what mainland Chinse really think of them, that they consider Americans and Europeans “Shagua, stupid, foolish, busy drinking, watching TV and playing games, and easily manipulated”. With AI, Robotics and 5G, no matter how fast a person is, including the clever Chinese, a digital AI brain operating the networks with machines can enslave humanity in an Orwellian surveillance state on a Chinese socialist platform. To understand the entire picture, read ARTIFICAL INTELLIGENCE, Dangers to Humanity.

Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization