Google AI and Chinese AI Collaboration
Courtesy of Alexas Fotos, Pixabay

The Chinese regime uses espionage, forced tech transfer, IP theft and collaboration with foreign AI companies to accelerate it’s military AI operations. Google has had 2 AI research centers in China, while at the same time China limits Googles engines for its own citizens. According to Chinese law, any entity, corporation or person is subject to its control and any information belonging to such entities are a property of the Chinese Communist Regime.

Google AI becomes Chinese AI

By mere collaboration, and allowing China access to Google AI’s technology, the employees and leadership at Google have allowed a genocidal regime to obtain Intel that can accelerate military strikes on Chinese civilians and the people around the world. Through our investigations, we discovered China is laying the groundwork to build fully automated robotic warehouses that have built in human tracking software designed for military applications. The AI system in China, in fact is Google’s AI system and the many other Western corporations who have been either victims of espionage, IP theft and forced tech transfers. This is because the Chinese have merely been stealing, copying and learning from the West. And now they have reached a certain level of self sustainability with regards to AI and Robotics. There may also be a component which involves complicity via western corporations by knowingly merging in a business venture regardless of its implications to humanities safety.

The Trump Administration Under Attack with AI

China’s Socialist Dictatorship realizes that many people do not like Trump in the U.S, and that is the leverage it is attempting to use with its AI initiatives in social media’s algorithms sourced by skills they learned from Google. China’s government brutalizes its own Chinese citizens and youth, and its military doctrine openly has stated in the past that the Chinese regime should take over America’s lands and wipe out Americans. We have intelligence sourced from Chinese Communist Generals making such remarks about Americans, no matter if they are conservative or liberal people. With this type of discourse, what is Google and its leadership thinking when it collaborates with Chinese nationals inside China and abroad? As any collaboration, is subject to the Chinese military’s extraction of that data intelligence. The point here is, China knows there are a lot of people in the tech industry who work in AI, that do not like Trump and may not have any nationalist sense towards safeguarding the U.S against another country. That knowledge is a tool for manipulation to attempt to take down the Trump Administration in order to fulfill its One Belt, One Road objectives with AI and Robotics throughout the world. If this happens, humanity would fall under social, physical and emotional control. Moreover, in our research, we found an AI platform that showed extinction codes for humanity via China. The book AI, Trump, China and The Weaponization of 5G expounds on our findings.


Can Google be Charged with Article 3 of the Genocide Convention?

The Chinese Regime has been spying, tracking, arresting and even killing its own citizens though the use of its technologies extracted from western tech mergers, IP theft, open-source sharing and collaboration. Victims include Uighur’s, Christians, Falun Dafa Practitioners, Tibetans, youths who advocate for democracy, common folk and outspoken artists. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo recently warned U.S and Western Tech companies that doing business with China is doing business with the Chinese Communist Party. He further elaborated that there are vast concentration camps housing Uighur and other people across China with the use of Western tech company’s technologies to apprehend the victims and that “is something to think about”. It was a huge warning shot at tech companies and the very tech developers and engineers in America and the West. Can Google be charged with Article 3 of the Genocide Convention, and can this include the engineers who aided and abetted the Chinese regime? We believe Google Employees are victim’s of Bio-Digital Social Programming. That is the topic of our next article to be released.