Micro-Botic Terrorism
Brett Critchley, Dreamstime

Western Collaboration Enables Micro-Bots

Through forced tech transfers, IP theft, mergers, investments, open-source sharing, and collaboration with Western universities and corporations, the Chinese regime is attempting to create AI Micro-Botic Assault Drones. Through institutes in Boston, they extracted prints for the Dragon Fly which was handed over to DARPA by its inventors after the Chinese extraction. Through Harvard and MIT, the Chinese have stolen different Insect Drones prototypes.

No Sense of Responsibility

The Engineers and Institutes have not been responsible in the least. These research institutes are not thinking that their research, work and development is being accessed, stolen, or used through collaboration, as they are providing the ability for a platform that can kill lots of innocent people. The Engineers at Harvard, MIT and other locations are laying the groundwork with blood on their hands by creating weaponized technologies. The U.S government, based on national security concerns must quickly install limitations on these type of research and a monitoring body to observe any institution attempting to conduct such research.

AI Micro Targeting Capabilities

The developing micro and small sized robotics are able to spy, extract information or administer poison and murder people in mass via swarm attacks or in single individual attacks. These Micro-Robotics or Micro-Bots can be controlled through the Internet, smartphones, IoT Devices, robots, command centers, Cyborgs and those who have the ability to connect with the Human-Bio-Digital Network. Installed in these Micro-Drones are facial recognition, body sensing, heat sensing, motion detectors, Lidar, spatial awareness, human body targeting recognition and the ability for the micro-drone to navigate in the dark while simultaneously tracking its target. More on this topic in upcoming articles. We have an expanded explanation in the book, “AI, Trump, China & The Weaponization of Robotics With 5G. Pre-View the Book Below