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Ivanka Trump & White House AI Government Summit

Ivanka Trump AI Summit White House
The Classy Ivanka Trump joined Suzette Kent and Kelvin Droegemeier yesterday for the White House AI Summit. Ivanka Trump spoke about the need for American AI Leadership, development of AI workforce skills and Governmental wide AI initiatives. Lt. Gen Jack Shanahan spoke about the Department of Defense's Joint AI Center. "2020 is the year...


AI, Trump, China & The Weaponization of Robotics with 5G
This book will disclose our Micro-Botic Terrorism (MBT) brief submitted to Washington in the spring of 2019. It will expand by explaining the discovery of Bio-Digital Social Programming within the Human-Bio-Digital Network, IoT, Internet, Smart Phones, and the emerging treats of AI, Robotics, MBT, and Bio-Digital control of human beings through Artificial Intelligence. The book will...

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About The AI Organization
About The AI Organization The AI Organization specializes in research, design, development, risk assessment and vulnerability consultation of Humanoid Robots, Micro-Botics, AI & Robotic Terrorism, AI Automated Drones, AI Automated Assassination Prevention, AI Bio-Engineering, AI Genetic Modification, AI Automated Cybernetics, AI Automated Cloning, AI Automated Animal-Human Hybrid System Detection,...

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

What Is AI, The AI Organization
AI? "Bringing to Life an intelligence or importing an intelligence that thinks, researches, feels, creates, decides and has desires to operate as an individual, symbiotic or collective entity in the bio-digital world through bio-fields, bio-matter and all frequencies within the micro and macro molecular dimensions of our physical world while manifesting through...

What is Deep Learning AI

Deep Learning AI, The AI Organization
AI Deep Learning "Deep Learning, resembles a human beings process to observe information by smell, touch, taste, visual, audible or subconscious senses that can be deemed as gut feelings all combined to recognize, identify, think, know, understand, analyze, decide, and upgrade thinking and physical capabilities in the world as we know it. However,...

Protected: Facial Recognition Hunt for Human Organs in Socialist China

Our 15 years of investigations into Organ and Human Trafficking crimes led by the Chinese Socialist Regime has found that Chinese Tech Companies have evolved their facial recognition system to track people of faith and democracy advocates for their organs with the aid of voice and body recognition software.