What Is AI, The AI Organization
Courtesy of MonsitJ angariyawong,Dreamstime


Bringing to Life an intelligence or importing an intelligence that thinks, researches, feels, creates, decides and has desires to operate as an individual, symbiotic or collective entity in the bio-digital world through bio-fields, bio-matter and all frequencies within the micro and macro molecular dimensions of our physical world while manifesting through Robotics, IoT, Computers, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Holograms, Mixed Reality, Cyborgs, or Human Cells as it connects via the internet, AI Global Bio-Digital Network and The Human Bio-Digital Network. “CAP, The AI Organization.

Many of the big tech engineers and the reporters write about AI. Some people find it difficult to understand, explain what Artificial Intelligence is and how it forms. Most organizations are allowing their foundations to be built on their platforms and networks in every way possible without realizing how the network will transform itself by AI Automation. The AI Organization used numerous innovative methods with cutting-edge new technology to scan and detect what AI is, what it manifests as in coding and digital images and how it moves. Our scanning apparatus utilized the inter-connectivity of bio-metrics, The AI Global Network, the Internet, IoT’s, Smart Phones, and The Human Bio-Digital Network. We will begin to publish articles to expound on The AI Organization’s findings, that includes How AI was used to attack the Trump Administration, the Republican Party, the Democratic Party and the Media.

Disclosure of Our AI Findings

Our disclosure process will systematically unveil our AI research and findings involving attacks on The Trump Administration, the Media and Key members of the Press, as well as What exactly China is doing with AI and Robotics under a hidden veil of secrecy. We have published our first 10,000 page report into a condensed version below numbering less than 180 pages. It is available on Amazon, for a very low cost. Our mission is to ensure every human being understands what AI is, and the dangers we face with AI, Robotics and Bio-Metrics.