Pres. Trump and Family
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This Press Release makes public our Report to the White House and Secret Service in the Spring of 2019, entailing China’s plan to use Micro-Bot’s, cybernetic enhanced dragon flies, and Robo insect drones infused with poison, guided by AI automated drone systems, to kill certain members of congress, world leaders, President Trump and his family. These technologies were extracted from, DARPA, Draper in Boston and Wyss institute at Harvard, who build flying robo-bees for pollination and mosquito drones. It also includes our discoveries of China’s use of AI and Tech companies to build drones, robotics and machines to rule BRI (One Belt, One Road) on the 5G Network.

The following is an excerpt from the release “Artificial Intelligence, Dangers to Humanity

Preventing President Trumps Assassination:

Discreetly Reporting to White House on Chinese Plans to Assassinate President Trump, his Cabinet and Members of Congress with Micro-Botic Insect Drones

In 2018, I formed The AI Organization, after months of researching Micro-Insect Robotic Drones, Robotics, Chinese and Western AI companies.  I found the Chinese were using cybernetics to enhance insects, manipulating flight, and creating Robo-Bees, and devising experiments with the intent to put poison delivery systems on them. They were Weaponizing AI with data extracted from their Google relationship and many other western AI, Robotic and Bio-Metric companies that allowed access to over 6 billion people’s bio-metric data. 

Micro-Botic Terrorism
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These technique’s that can enable them to Assassinate individuals in Congress, or at the presidential level, were all stolen from Draper, and the Wyss Institute at Harvard. I devised a covert plan to pass onto President Trump the threat to him, his family, the world and all of humanity, from China and some big tech AI companies, and robotics with 5G implementation.  After JFK and the Abraham Lincoln Assassination, and the shooting of Reagan, I was not going to take this lightly. 

Cyrus A. Parsa, Courtesy of Picturemakersllc,Dreamstime

Before I delve into how it was delivered to the White House. I will disclose a summary of the contents. The brief was addressed to President Trump, Vice President Pence, Sec. of State Pompeo, Director of Secret Service Murray and one person no longer in the administration.

  1. China is developing Micro-Bots that have facial recognition, spatial awareness, and motion sensors with poison delivery system that is being prepared to take out President Trump, members of his family, and certain members of congress. I gave examples of techniques.
  2. China was weaponizing Robotics, Drones, and attempting to create a digital AI System and utilize over 6 Billion peoples bio-metrics and endanger the world
  3. If big tech, and AI companies are not reigned in, within 1-2 years, they will be more powerful than all governments combined, enslaving humanity.
  4. I suggested, after the Trade War was over, and most of America’s Money was pulled back in, to start to expose their concentration camps and organ harvesting, with new measures, and China’s brutal regime would subsequently fall. I suggested to create a Committee to publicly investigate, persecuted victims, including organ harvesting of Uyghur’s, Christians, Falun Dafa Practitioners, Tibetans, and democracy activists.
  5. By taking out China’s economy first, then exposing them, they are more likely to just turn in the criminal gang that has been persecuting and killing the Chinese people. XI has to make a choice, some people around him are connected with Fmr. Dictator Jiang Zemin, who is guilty of War Crimes. Now the story, below.

I realized they could kill members of congress, their families and world leaders by imperceptible ways via poison that take a long-term affect, which makes the death seem natural. The Chinese have numerous historical techniques with poison delivery systems, for use to administer with AI, robotics and drones with the connection of 5G. I embarked on a mission to get this report about China’s very secretive methods to penetrate the White House, halls of congress, their family’s homes, and the security detail during transit. I had to be discreet, so that China would not know, as they would have figured out the coming trade war was not simply about trade.

Trump Tower, New York
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I had to make sure there was a vulnerability that could penetrate the White House before I submitted the brief. In early spring, I had a coded message sent to the White House, than in the latter part of Spring 2019, I did a visual vulnerability assessment while acting as a tourist at the Trump Tower, right as President Trump arrived, and asked questions of Secret Service that got me the answers I needed. Then, I did another assessment at the White House perimeter as President Trump departed few days later. I made sure, I spoke to over 15 Secret Service perimeter guards on the basics of their protocols, without giving away why I was asking these questions. I was assessing if my hunch was right. I discovered, 100%, clear and present danger and the President was at risk. I found so many ways that the Chinese with the use of some techniques, I will not name, can easily penetrate the White House, Security Transit, members of Congress and any person or family on the planet. They think and analyze things in an introverted way, which can be very deceptive to the Western Eye.

Secret Service White House
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At some point during the vulnerability assessment, they asked for my license, which I gave so that they can put me in their system for an official watch list and feel more comfortable. As a positive, they would be alarmed, on guard and put me on an inquiry, and if I were to return, then immediately they would know it was me and be alerted and take it as something important.

I also gave a business card which read Loyal Guardian Security. This was done, because I did not know who to trust, as President Trump had enemies within, and I had to make sure when it was submitted, it only stayed with top members of the secret service and no other intelligence community members. If it got leaked, then the Chinese would make different moves, and the U.S could lose the advantage towards the Chinese. I had a gut feeling, very strong, that there was a force, going after Trump, and as I explain in these 2 books, (Artificial Intelligence, Dangers to humanity & AI, Trump, China & The Weaponization of Robotics with 5G) there was evidence of codes in Google and other networks, written to shift thought via peoples bio-metrics with an AI software that penetrated every domain.

Next, I informed someone close to the President that I had a document and he was in impending danger within 6 months to 1 year at most, or at any time. I put this person on notice but did not give the document just yet. I had to make sure somehow it made a big enough impact that they take it seriously, but done discreetly and China doesn’t know. So, I spoke in code, walked around the capital in a way that the camera systems would notice me, tag me, but the Chinese and Russians who were listening in, would just think I am being a tourist. I took a lot of pictures, and had chats to fit in with the crowd.

White House Presidential Palace
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I waited until the night President Trump flew back into the country. I showed up at 2am in the dark dressed in an Armani suit with a Scottish tie, a Made in America flag pin and with not a person insight, other than the Secret Service. I would not give or tell the secret service what the danger was, as they were adamant, I say it right there. But, I refused to show the document, until they guaranteed someone from inside comes out. Also, they were adamant I speak it out loud, which was not the best idea as the whole world spies on the White House and listens in.  But, it is not their protocol to simply take something inside, it needs steps. Took an hour, 2 Special Agents drove down and along with the 20 Secret Service agents around me. I gave the document up, and once they read part of it, they were alarmed, but failed to understand. They admitted they knew about part of it. I did not trust they would handle it right, as some seemed inexperienced, and not that fond of the President, while the majority of the guards there really cared about the safety of the President of the United States and were very concerned. But, I had to make sure, that this was done the right way, as I did not have access to President Trump in person.  I double backed and gave it to the Trump person and notified that a separate SS unit flew down to someone I know closely, and asked this person what I was doing at 2am at the white house and how long I’ve been the CEO of loyal Guardian Security and The AI Organization.

The person was alarmed and had no idea, nor any knowledge about my AI Organization, or what AI was, other than I am good at security and l was adamant the President was doing things to save the world. Immediately the inquiry stopped by Secret Service after I reported to the Trump person, as it would have brought attention to the threat. This is expected, as in late 2002, on a plane, I told a passenger lady sitting next to me a response to her question “if we should go to war and what will happen”. I stated that if we go to war with Iraq, lots of U.S lives will be lost, millions of Iraqi’s dead, regions destabilized and behind Bush were special interest and corporations influencing his decisions and the media, and that the real threat is China. I explained that we would be bogged down in the middle east for 20 years.

Cyrus A. Parsa, Courtesy of Paul Brady, Dreamstime, Front facade of the J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building in Washington DC

By just saying that, the FBI showed up at my house and did a 2-hour interview. The gentlemen at the FBI were very professional, smart and nice. They asked, “Why was I in the mountains of China, what type of meditation, and martial arts, what is this book Better People, Better World, The book to save, change and better our world about, you wrote”  I showed them the 800 page book and they looked through it. The lady had reported me and some passengers had done the same. After all, it was after 911, albeit I was wearing a suit. Being born in Iran, yet being an American with loyalty to America, has its perks. Hence, here at the White House, it was useful in making sure it gets their attention enough, so it gets to President Trump.

As a note, after we went into Iraq, I trashed the book I worked on for 2 years in a room.  It had 100 sub-chapters and brought all fields of study into an interconnection with a theory to explain everything. I was a bit ambitious, you could say. Then I went to school to earn degrees in International Security and Homeland Security. As no matter how much you know, people always turn to those that are known and been around for advice and professional consultation, rather than the ones that are not too well known.

To get back to this story.  I shredded my copy given to the White House and the Trump person, that was handwritten, as I did not want to keep a computer trace. On both cases, it was transmitted to the Secret Service.  The document came from Loyal Guardian Security and The AI Organization, with my name on it as the presenter. Immediately I saw changes, actions, and mitigation to the threats.

 I know how to build this defense system against AI. I can think and analyze Numerous things at a very fast rate in a way that others cannot. I had to wait until China figured out that Trump was not just doing a trade war to get the American’s money back, rather he wanted to eliminate the Communist Regime that has millions of people in concentration camps and is threatening the world with AI, Robotics and 5G.

When I saw the time was right, that we won the trade war to the degree we could and China figured out that Trump was playing chess with them and beating them to save the world from China’s rise,  I wrote AI, Trump, China & The Weaponization of Robotics with 5G. The Sub-title Ended with “Why the World Needs to Support the Trump Administration Against China’s Regime”. Immediately Facebooks AI System banned it for promotion, and demanded my home address if I wanted an appeal. Facebook would not accept our corporate address. Twitter didn’t ban it entirely, it banned it until we removed the words about supporting the U.S administration against China’s Regime. Initially they had banned it.

Cyrus A. Parsa, Courtesy of Kevynbj, Dreamstime

 6 months earlier, I gave a brief to a Fmr. High ranking CIA Director, that China was Weaponization AI, drones, facial recognition, and building robots for military purposes and assassination. I made no reference to President Trump or Micro-Bots, just allowed him to get the big picture. This CIA gentlemen had 30 years of service with 3-4 Presidential administrations under his belt, whom I gave an intelligence report explaining my discovery of Megvii’s nefarious AI activities via the Chinese government, and their robotic plans, including 43 more Chinese AI companies with detail report on their finances, capabilities and connections I turned over from a list of almost 500 AI, bio-metric and robotic companies I was working on.

He was amazed, and google eyed, and took it straight to the military. I told him nothing about Trump or what I had done earlier nor the micro-botic threats.  The report was supposed to be about facial recognition, I gave him so many things knowing he would shop it to the military so they would be mobilized in a different way, as the U.S administration was too busy dealing with being bombarded by the attacks from within the American people, which was taking the attention away from China’s threat and creating division within the intelligence community against all enemies foreign or domestic. I asked later, why he did not cite all our findings with The AI Organization and Loyal Guardian Security that did not pertain to his bio-metric data request for Megvii Face++.  He stated, “for your protection, I didn’t cite your discoveries or your 2 companies.  The FBI can’t protect you, but I can” He implied it was a very big finding and that the final intelligence report was beyond excellent.

In the book, AI, Trump, China & The Weaponization of Robotics with 5G, I published on august 24th, 2019, I wrote a lot of coded language that only someone who is a rocket scientists would understand, and the Trump administration, while I made the cover in a way that some in the media would not take it seriously and be turned off to look to see what’s inside. Albeit the cover was accurate and the table of contents allowed very smart people from the intelligence community and the White House to see the big picture, without having to show that they purchased it. 


I also did not include company names, or some sensitive facts, to protect the sources. I am not sure if Trump knew it was me that delivered the report on the threat to him, his family, members of congress and all people, via China.  Its possible someone took the credit for my work at the White House and didn’t tell President Trump. Either way, I kept my mouth shut, and waited almost a half a year as to not interfere with the trade wars and allow the administration to mitigate the threat against the world. I put a good plan in there, exactly the way it should have been in terms of security. As it was a security and human rights initiative to save the people in China and eliminate the threat to humankind and world leaders, from 5G, AI and Robotics. 

China knows Trump, America and the good people of the world, will not stand for concentration camps or giving an AI Brain that controls 5G and robotics to a brutal regime that could destroy humanity. Nor allow that ability to be harnessed by a tech company. I joined the social media community after 20 years of not having my face on the net, and started to tweet strategically to get the think tanks and retired generals to talk behind the scenes. And get the intelligence community to think about it in a broader way. This way, everyone who gets it, starts researching this threat. My Analysis was President Trump can’t continue doing this alone, and needs the support of the American people, as he is constantly getting attacked from Americans, and losing precious focus on the safety of humanity.

 I desire to play an important role with The Trump Administration to provide strategies to counter this AI threat, and I hope the world can support all of humanity to expose China and eliminate this threat. 

For those who love Trump and the U.S, you are welcome. For those who hate Trump, this was not only about Trump; it was about you and the safety of humanity. I did numerous algorithms, all showed, if Trump got assassinated, China would rule the world, and everyone, including all the tech engineers who hate him, and the majority of the media people, would be enslaved in an Orwellian world via China. Worse, these tech engineers would be put to death after the regime used them. 

I received no money, spent every penny I had, 18-20 hours a day, thousands of hours of research and investigation, while some of my eye brows turned white, with great drive to get that intelligence brief hand delivered, and to formulate these 2 books, to warn all humanity, of the dangers we face.

 I hope The AI Organization and my efforts are supported, and all of humanity get into a serious discussion about what AI really is and the real risks it poses to all of us. I like to thank the network of people along the way and the reader here. The more people know about Artificial Intelligence, Dangers to Humanity”, the better. 

 Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization