AI surveillance
Courtesy of Antonio Gravante, Dreamstime.

The Chinese regime has been developing its AI based capabilities for combat related scenarios, both military and security. Megvii Face++ AKA (Kuangshi) a Beijing company with over 300,000 developers, and bases globally has been used by China’s government for malevolent purposes. From tracking its own citizens to quarantine interment camps of ethnic minorities such as Uyghurs, Falun Dafa practitioners and anyone deemed as enemy of the state.

People Counting Software

Megvii Face ++ has a feature that counts people in a specific area. This counting can be done in seconds by its human detection software that can be installed on robots, drones, or cameras on its 5G grid systems powered by AI. Megvii Face++ builds robots, as does Huawei. Both companies are under the mandate of the CCP and work on installing facial recognition and other bio-metric tools on their machines powered by Artificial Intelligence. A robot, machine or drone can be used by the public security bureau or military to not only count a certain amount of people in a group, but shoot them.

Military Use by CCP

The AI Organization discovered in 2018 that the CCP was building the software required to not only count, but kill human beings in the most efficient way possible by using machines. Deep learning was used to train the AI system to track and count objects, animals and humans. The same software was later applied to their weapons systems.

When the CCP increases its reach on the BRI (New Silk Road Connecting the world) the worlds people can be endangered by their military or special security operations. Consider a regime who lied about the severity and timing of a virus AKA (Bio-Weapon) having access to this type of people counting software accessible to their military. The world truly needs to seriously appose the CCP and eliminate its presence from among the list of civilized governing bodies.


Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization