Concentration Camps
Courtesy of Airubon Dreamstime,


Livox is a Chinese company that develops Lidar for 3D mapping and imaging of mechatronic and robotic systems. These capabilities can be installed in humanoid robots, machines, IoT’s, command centers, drones and many other systems. They can be weaponized by AI through the 5G -6G networks on the BRI (Belt and Road Initiative).

Uyghur camps, as well as concentration camps housing Covid patients, Falun Dafa practitioners, Tibetans, Christians, and democracy proponents are beginning to lay the ground work for using high tech AI systems that not only can have 3D mapping of inmates, but see through the dark.

The Chinese military is building Insect drones to enhance their targeting capabilities of human beings. Lidar systems to mimic an insects navigational flight in the dark is being made for machines that replicate real insects. The blueprints to make insect drones were stolen from Draper, Harvard, MIT, and the like by the CCP.

Report declassified from Cyrus A. Parsa 2019 findings.

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