CCP Plans to Enslave World’s People with AI, Says Founder of The AI Organization, Cyrus A. Parsa

Cyrus A. Parsa and XinShuang Robot
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This is an extract of interview by Global Center for Quitting the CCP

Question: Cyrus, could you please introduce your company and main book Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity?

My name is Cyrus A Parsa. I am the founder of the AI organization. The purpose of the organization is to assess any risks or dangers and give consultation to the threats of artificial intelligence, and anything related to it, such as 5G, 6G grid systems, quantum technology, bioengineering, robotics and drones. Particularly, as it pertains to the Chinese Communist Party.  

Thus, before the pandemic started and hit the worlds people, I published a few books as a warning to the dangers of the CCP, AI and its foothold in our big tech companies. The last one was: Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity.  

The book covers over 50 companies, half of which are Chinese and the other half are Western based companies. The book explains the threats that they pose, especially mixing humans and animals that can create disease, and the AI 5G world domination plan of the Chinese Communist Party and their agenda to use our big tech companies against us.

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Question: How does CCP threaten the world with AI?

Through forced tech transfer, espionage, plagiarism, stealing, and of course, collaboration with our big tech companies, our universities, even media outlets and corporations, the CCP has been able to extract American and European company data and know-how and skills to build the AI infrastructure. They have gathered the entire world’s data in many different ways, as I described in Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity

By bringing the worlds data together and connecting it to the 5G-6G Smart City Grid Systems the CCP can mobilize machines, drones, robots, and even bio-engineered and cybernetically enhanced soldiers. This way they can rule the BRI. The BRI is known as Belt and Road Initiative, or One Belt One Road.  It is the reemergence of the Old Silk Road. The Old Silk Road connected the Persian Empire, to the Chinese Empire, and then to Europe and parts of Africa.  The New Silk Road is a little different. It not only connects China to the Middle East, and to Europe, and to Africa, as it did before, but also to the new world, which is North America, and even excavation projects in Antarctica, Afghanistan, and Greenland. These excavations are for the purpose of extracting rare earth minerals for their military industrial complex to be used for their artificial intelligence systems.  Huawei, Megvii Face++, Didi Chu Xing and many others collect data from people around the world. 

CCP Bio-Metric Control
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Many people have recently come to know how the Chinese Communist Party treats their own people with much cruelty, putting them in labor camps, slave camps, and even killing their people for organ harvesting, such as the Falun Dafa people, the Tibetans, Christians, Uyghurs, and even people who do not have a religion.   

One can imagine if a regime puts people in slave camps, engages in organ trafficking, and we have a global pandemic, what could happen if the CCP gets control of the BRI.  What can they do when they hook up the AI system to this infrastructure on the 5G-6G systems to mobilize machines? They will not only control people with the normal influence in geopolitics and policy, but they will have machines, robots, and drones to be able to enforce all their draconian, and their tyrannical ways of treating humanity. So that is just one way. In the book I described different ways of how the CCP threatens the world with AI based technologies. If the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) achieves AGI or ASI, they threaten all free nations.


Question: Could you please explain what AI is?

Scientists use three basic levels to describe AI, artificial intelligence. The first level is considered Artificial Narrow Intelligence, which covers your smartphones, your IoT’s (Internet of Things), and your mini chatbots – If you go online and you are waiting to talk to a live person, a virtual assistant may speak with you because it is a virtual mini chatbot that can one day be installed in a mini robot as the 5G system rolls out throughout smart cities. Anything that is programmed to have a certain task or function that is digital or inside a machine can be considered ANI, Artificial Narrow Intelligence.  

The next level is Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), which is an idea and goal to be realized by scientists. They are working on AGI in China and in so many other places. One of the companies I mentioned in my book is Hanson Robotics. But there are a few other ones. Hanson Robotics is in Hong Kong. They are working on building an AGI to bring a robot to life, giving it thoughts, emotions, wants, desires, free will, basically like a human being. Because they are mapping the human brain it gives the CCP or tech companies the advantage they need. This is a form of Artificial General Intelligence.  

Sophia robot Hanson Robotics
Nov 05, 2019: Sophia robot on red shirt, she has came show in OIIO Thailand Techland at Paragon Hall. Courtesy of Chingyunsong, Dreamstime.

Artificial Super Intelligence is very complex and believed to be beyond the comprehension of human beings when formed. There are many ways to achieve it. One way is to extract all of humanity’s biometric systems.  This includes your facial recognition, your voice recognition, and even the way you think, your family data, your geolocation, DNA and so many different algorithms that are involved. Once you extract that data, with machine and deep learning you can then process the information into a machine or a quantum-based system which in turn would allow you to create or form an Artificial Super Intelligence. Artificial Super Intelligence can be a digital brain or in a physical entity such as a robot, a clone or human being who has merged with machines or AI. Thus, becoming transhuman. This poses many other dangers that are endless in nature.  

Robot Robotics Transhumanism
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Question: How about 5G?

Speaking of 5G phones and network as it pertains to health risks and purpose. What you have been using has been generally limited to 4G for the past three or four years. 5G is a little different. 5G is not built for human beings. It is built for machines. Because the speed of it, the millimeter waves can be 10, 20, even 100 times faster than the 4G service.  Hence, you do not need that for a cell phone to watch a movie or download a show. That is not the main reason for the development of 5G.  The purpose is to mobilize machines, robots, drones, flying cars, and enter the world of transhumanism.   

5G is the foundational ground system to build a 6G network and more. A lot of people have different fears about 5G. I think the 5G system in America is safer than in China, or companies such as Huawei. Not just because the Chinese Communist Party controls Huawei, and they can control things. No. When the CCP builds anything, they use cheap labor, undercut safety measures, and use sub-par products that were manufactured from espionage or plagiarizing. Because they steal, the end-result is not ideal for the world nor for the Chinese people. Their innovation is rooted from IP theft, hence they tend to overlook safety measures that potentially have bad effects on people in different ways. But in America, they are attempting to build a safer 5G system.   

But there are other things that are at risk with 5G. It’s not just the idea that it poses radiation threats, or frequencies intended for machines that may be bad for your health. If you think about it, would you want cell phone towers and 5G towers next to your little baby, next to your family? It is okay to have it in the cities if you want to mobilize machines, and maybe for military purposes, in other places. But do you really need to have it next to your children, next to your home, next to your babies? I personally don’t think that should be the case. Not to mention the surveillance capabilities and the mobilization of machines by local government actors unjustly against its own populous.  

Question: What is solution to solve the CCP big Tech challenges?

Today, The Chinese Communist Party, their global plan is to not only for expansionism and wealth.  I don’t think they would limit their goals to these notions. I would use this term enslavement.  They want to enslave or dominates the world under their Chinese style Marxist systems as it connects to artificial intelligence on the BRI. Thus, what is happening to the Chinese people, can happen at a global scale.  

Surprisingly, President Trump has been the main figure that has been combating the Chinese Communist Party. So, supporting President Trump, no matter if you are a liberal or a conservative, or in the middle, is the smart thing to do. Because he has a three-year track record and a 15-year history of making statements about how China has been taking advantage of the free world. I believe President Trump means the CCP, as they control their people with an iron fist.

AI surveillance
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So I think if the world can realize these dangers immediately, and that the Chinese Communist Party threatens everybody, then why would anyone want to give an AI system to a government that puts its own People in camps, kills them, and steals. Let alone to business with them or allow them a chance to hurt the worlds people.  How can you trust this system in the hands of the Chinese Communist regime? You cannot. It is like giving the best weapon you have and the surveillance systems to see over your house to the murderers that you know will eventually kill you to take over your house.  Why would you do that? Why would any nation accept free training, technology and money and allow the CCP to have stake in their lands, and mine rare earth minerals? Moreover, why would any nation use their 5G and satellite technologies when the CCP can use it against their own nations?  

My message is: The entire world needs to understand these threats immediately. And they need to expose the Chinese Communist Party for the crimes against humanity.  The world must cut off all business ties, and expose the CCP for the militarization of AI technology, the potential misuse of this technology until they demolish their regime and end unethical experiments.  I recommend everyone to get the book Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity to grasp the different technologies, companies, capabilities, and emerging threats to humanity. The paperback version is better. There is a lot to know, especially how Chinese companies and Western companies’ interconnect giving the CCP leverage. 

I think humanity can have a good future, one of enlightenment or peace, if they can eliminate the Chinese Communist Party and really expose them globally because they threaten all human beings with A.I and their 100-year history of abusing and killing their own citizens.  

Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization 

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Different version of Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity. Simplified Chinese and Polish versions are to be published. Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization