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Digital War Heading towards the Physical

There has been a digital war between conservatives and liberals at the highest levels of government, intelligence community and military that has trickled down to the entire society via media, business, and modern day technology. No nation or group has been left out. This digital war has emotional, cultural, religious, financial, racial and sexual components all intertwined with the use of technology for conflict..

We are nearing a time where the digital war will become kinetic, meaning physical in nature. I don’t just mean wars between nations, but high risk of terrorism, bombings, and assaults from both liberal and conservative sides throughout U.S cities. If it happens, the FBI, CIA and Police departments will be run through via a chain of reaction. They will cease to exist as an investigative and enforcement apparatus on all fronts. And the fault is not just with the extremists who are being weaponized through censorship and despair on both sides, rather the human beings controlling big tech, government, military, media and intelligence agencies. Why? Because all human beings have emotions that gets altered based on anger, fear, pride, ego, greed, bias, political ideology, religious belief, race, sexual orientation, and simple error in judgement. Because of the pandemic, (the Bioweapon from the Chinese Regime -CCP- instability and fear is building to a point that it may snowball out of control. All of this only helps the Chinese regime and endangers the world.

War between Qannons, BLM, Antifa, Right and Left

I am not a Q supporter, nor a follower. However, I am not against those who identify as Q Annons, for I believe human beings that identify with any movement, as with BLM, Anonymous, all have their positives and negatives. Nothing wrong with banning together peacefully to speak out against crimes of pedophilia, sex and human trafficking or race with BLM, and holding the people that run our republic socially accountable through free speech. Why? Because the mainstream media has not been doing a good job to be fair, balanced, and just report the news and allegations, rather they have been used for personal, political or business ideology.

In essence, they have not been following the constitution, and harming our system that depends on checks and balances. This is true for both conservatives and liberal media outlets. These issues have gotten out of control because the people running our intelligence agencies, media, big tech corporations and governments have failed to be fair, unbiased, virtuous, altruistic and lead with wisdom. Thus, movements like Anonymous or Q have sprung up to fill the void of despair that exists for 10s of millions of Americans and millions more globally.

What is Q and it’s apparatus

My Analysis: The Frog symbol is derived from the old testament story, as well as Persian and Chinese stories of poisonous or unlucky Frogs being unleashed on a civilization or peoples for their wrong doing. The Skulls, or “Punisher” also come from old testament, Persian, Chinese, Indian, and other folklore representing Demons sent from hell to destroy a civilization or people. Whether the people were good or bad, the demons destroyed all in sight. The word or understanding of Q also represents a circle. This circle can be “Where we go one, We go All”, the oneness of humanity or God, the Creator of the universe. The issue here is that Christ and the Buddha, taught mercy, benevolence, and at the same time cast judgment on wrong dowers if they did not seek redemption and change their ways for good. Throughout history, the images of angels, heroes, and punishers of evil, where divine in their depictions, not demons. These angelic depictions would be used to defeat evil. And if images of demons were used, they would not represent or be utilized by the good side. Rather, only be included in the story line. The good, would not embody a demonic image such as a skull, if they did, they would no longer be on the side of God, rather demons fighting demons. As it has been foretold since antiquity.

Q also can represent and change to be anyone at anytime, because in form, it is anonymous. See, this is not new. When the peoples of Europe were being invaded by Rome, they used scare crows, and masks as strategy to counter the invasion. This was done because the Northern Europeans were being overpowered by a force they could not defeat. That being Rome. At times, Generals or Hero’s were positioned in their movements that were anonymous, some leading it, some filling the void in it’s dynamic process, some just positioned that way from their followers. Even the Persians had something called the 10,000 immortals. For every one eliminated, one would take it’s place. Today, to the invaded people’s, Rome is the tech corporations, major politicians, heads of intelligence agencies, and the like. These entities, come from the people in fact. The issue is not technology, it is not our agencies, or military, it is virtue, as people have lost their way. Thus, if the heads and leaders in media, big tech, government, and our intel agencies are not filled with wisdom, compassion and a selfless character based on virtue, than the entire society spirals downwards towards it’s extinction. Q is also a SYOP. Something the military or CIA used in Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam or on it’s own people by using the media. It is nothing new, every nation has it. At times it takes a military approach, other times social media movements. In fact, CNN took a dynamic form of a SYOP to get it’s political goals achieved. In essence, the intel groups connecting to CNN, also were infusing their own SYOP to influence and control the public as were big tech oligarchs, and politicians.

Creation of Q in 21st Century

Because the Clintons and Obamas were weaponizing and using the FBI heads and the mainstream media for their political goals, the Q SYOP was launched by some soldiers who know of Gen. Flynn. It was done to save him, and fight back against political bias, and their perceived subjugation of the constitution to global oligarchs who can become dictators in the near future, harming humanity, if not checked.

The FBI and military are supposed to contain the very best of the best, and not be levy to political use. In fact, it is usually the other way around. The CIA heads, and the military industrial complex linking to major corporations have been influencing the world and every President since the beginning of the 20th century. President’s were brought into power, or kept into check. They did this because they believed they knew best. Some times they protected the nation and the world against terror, sometimes their decisions destroyed entire nations and brought misery to millions. With Trump, it was different. He may not be sensitive, or show empathy towards race and gender publicly, however, he was a though guy who vowed to tackle human, and sex trafficking and stop the Chinese regime from raping the world through trade and eventually, the military. By accomplishing that goal, he needed to overpower Wall street, Hollywood, mainstream media and the big tech corporations that were all being raped by the CCP through soft power of their emotions, and some knowingly through their greed for perceived power and money. That greed did not care if China was engaging in Genocide.

Who is Q

Gen. Michael Flynn was hunted by the heads of the FBI not just because of what he was accused of, rather politics. The far left hates Christians or religion, period. I don’t agree or know why he did business with Turkey and Russia, may be an error in judgement, as any human makes, or may be it was an operation he was doing cloaked under business for intelligence gathering. That being said, utilizing the intelligence agencies against Gen. Flynn to combat your political opponents and setting off a chain of reaction to attack a sitting President because he represented “The White Ango-Saxon Christian”, or posed a threat to the global oligarchs, or merely President Trump’s playground taunts-fights with the previous presidents and Clintons, was just destructive to the nation and unbefitting to the honor of any intelligence agency. It hurt and damaged 10s of millions of people in a chain of reaction. From hurt families, lost jobs, and numerous conflicts in media and the actual real world. Thus, we have the Qannon dynamic, an unpredictable anonymous movement that manifests to the citizens who live amongst you, who are hurt, scared and eager to right the wrongs at the top “The Deep State”.

At some point, the Qannon movement gained steam, with the goal to free Gen. Flynn, support Trump and push out globalists who behave like dictators, from the United States and rescue the constitution. Something Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy attempted to do, yet failed. Yet, these Qannons and constitutionalists failed to understand, the FBI lost it’s battle since the 50’s and 60’s, hence 2 generations after, those who would predominate the FBI received their education from a system that was penetrated by the Russian Marxist spies who infused a 50 year plan to eliminate the family nuclease through Hollywood, education and the big corporations. The very conservatives of today, would be seen as Communists and Marxists by the FBI if we reversed the clock 50 years. This is why, it was destined to not succeed in full, as America was overrun through it’s mind, culture and spirit. Also, SYOP’s that use skulls and frogs will not succeed, especially if the “Digital Soldiers” do not all embody a character that is virtuous in all regards.

I am not glorifying the 1940s here in whole, there is no excuse for the racism and other gender prejudices that existed in the 1940s. They existed not just in America, but by all races and nations. Yet, sometimes peoples attempts to achieve equality and to pin everything on religion, goes to an extreme. The liberals of 15 years ago, who promoted and fought for equal rights for race, gender and sexual orientation, never wanted or thought, little kids today would be shown sexualized in dance on social media, schools or sexualized at such a young age. And that the FBI heads would allow that sexual exploitation under the guise of education. This tells you, even the liberals of each decade are seen as the old conservatives. The more extreme one side goes to appose religion, the family, or fulfill it’s hate for religion or the substance of morals, the more extreme it gets. As it want’s to be the opposite of whatever religion teaches, even if a lot of it is culturally or scientifically an ethical based teaching. To rape people, it is either done by force, or through peoples minds via culture and education. Little by little acceptance and justification of anything can become the norm. Now back to formation of Q.

The few soldiers who created Q, they were not in contact with Gen. Flynn, rather out of their own accord, they used the SYOP as a means to fight disinformation from the media that was being used by intel operatives and left leaning pundits to take down Flynn, and eventually Pres. Trump. Their movement became global and picked up many attributes and in ways exaggerated some accusations on the left as a means to counter the exaggeration from progressives about Trump. For the media, made many allegations towards Trump, even if it was partially true or had substance, they would knowingly elevate the severity of allegations for ratings and pollical warfare.

In fact, the title of Q was projected to Gen. Flynn in a dynamic way by the movement with intention and simple cause and affect. It was not something Gen. Flynn did. He did not appoint himself as Q, rather through the dynamic of social media, he took that role when it cross bread with his own digital soldiers movement. You see, this Q SYOP was not intended to be a physical operation, rather an information operation to counter the bias in the mainstream media and intelligence agencies. If it was meant to be a physical operation to use violence, it would have been done in a different way. In fact, all the hype of military being used against the Deep State, allowed the oligarchs, Obama’s, Clintons and others to better counter not just the movement, but to expunge conservatives or constitutionalists from the military. Thus, creating more friction, extremism and distrust. The issue here is, extremists are not just on the right, rather on the left.

At some point, Gen. Flyn through contact on Twitter, became a figure of respect. Because at anytime, anyone can be Q. When he made a decision on a tweet, he was followed as Q consciously, sublimely, and in a dynamic way within the social media’s eco system. This means, if he put out content or amplified content, the main digital soldiers who controlled it, acted on behalf of Q. There were actually 3 main levels of it at the digital level on Twitter.

  1. The digital soldiers known as Annons who knew nothing of who is Q or who is running their perceived operations. This numbered in the 10s of millions. Some were podcasters and U Tubers.
  2. The digital networks, podcasters, U Tube accounts who worked together behind the scenes to have the Q drops, and operate the infrastructure. Some of these made a lot of money and almost all linked with conservative media outlets or their journalists. This was the same as with Anonymous and other social networks that linked with liberals.
  3. The third group were an elite group of actual soldiers that were not there for money, rather through their own volition projected that Gen. Flynn is Q in a soft and organized way without ever naming that he is Q. The way they ran their accounts were uniform like military and in order. This fused with group 1, 2 and at some point connected to Flynn’s twitter account through influence or major podcasters that had no idea who they were. By connect, I mean to a certain degree positioned him to be Q in the dynamic process of information war that utilized strategy and tactics. However, this is not that much different from media outlets, or big twitter accounts who do the same operations to manipulate the masses for their own goals. Whether they be conservative or liberal. A lot of radio talk show hosts on the left and right side do the same tactics.

Twitter, Facebook and Google used the correlation between 1-3 to suspend some accounts by thinking that Gen. Flynn used this dynamic as a social media tool at some point in the latter parts of 2020 to amplify support for the conservative side after realizing that the title of Q may be projected to him to varying degrees, even if it was subliminal in his mind. That being said, the liberal elites, and many big twitter accounts amplified and gave retweets on Anonymous accounts that were against Trump and the Q accounts. In essence, the progressives not only were in control of the platforms, but even had their own Q alternative, that being Anonymous. The difference was Q was mainly filled with those who claimed to be Christians. Basically, from day one, this has been a war between Christians and those who don’t want people of religion to be seated in government. In the liberal mind, they had enough of wars in the Middle East in order to push forward biblical prophecies. In the conservative mind, it may be mostly that they want to sustain the constitution and freedoms from oligarchs. It really is a huge mess. Both sides hate each others attributes to varying degrees. This makes it dangerous for the worlds people. Hate only brings destruction.

Can or Should General Flynn be Charged or Court Martialed?

No and No. Because he did not create Q, and only amplified it by using it as a social media operation. Besides Q can at one moment be 1 person, be everyone, a collective, stand for God, nothing, a SYOP, or a story narrative. We need to look at what the liberal leaders did wrong to turn society into a desperate situation where Anonymous movements grow into conservative or religious sectors.. And what did religious people do wrong to make liberals hate them so much. In an interview with Stew Peters, I revealed that Gen. Flynn was Q and was overly harsh on him and some of the Q apparatus, less it’s positive amplifications against human trafficking’s, promotion of the constitution and freedom based on awakening. However, when I called him Q, it was misunderstood by a lot of people. The title of Q was projected to Gen. Flynn within the fluidity of the movement. Hence, in a sense, anyone with respect and big following who promotes Q can become the Q. However, from the beginning, the soldiers who created the SYOP partially created it with the idea that Gen. Flynn is Q and Q+ is Trump. In essence, the public were deciding who is Q, not the other way around.

In this article I explained what I meant by him being Q. In fact, I was very critical of Gen. Flynn and the big Q Accounts for complicity in theft, plagiarism and censorship of the intel I put out. But my narrative was in general about self proclaimed conservative pundits, radio talk show hosts, podcasters, media and big accounts who claim to be patriots and promote that they have faith or represent the side of good. Everyone knows I went everywhere in 2019 and early 2020 dropping the intel that a Bioweapon is about to be launched from China, and cause a Great Reset with AI technology, so that humanity enters the age of transhumanism. I explained it all in detail and the timing of it in interviews, reports, video’s, documentaries, articles and books. The fact is, the bioweapon and great reset narrative was given to liberals and conservative news outlets, everyone, including the Trump Administration, CIA Director who worked with the left who took it to the military and every major twitter account, pundit, and podcasters prior to bioweapon release.

Wall street Journal not only was informed about the lab, but they were following us closely, as were every major radio talk show host, media outlet, and major world leaders. Many podcasters, radio show host, news outlets, big social media accounts and people in government didn’t report, censored, and after acted like its all knew, started to plagiarize, get subscribers, donations and making money and call out censorship and stealing when things weren’t going their way. Something they were doing themselves to me that prevented the world to know about the Wuhan Lab and the Great Reset quick enough to prevent the least amount of damage to the world and the chain of reaction that will continue in the next 20 years leading to extinction level events. In ancient principles, they lost their virtue, and I obtained lets say, something they can’t grasp. However, their conduct hurt the world and created major issues. When others look at your intel or narrative, and find others to appoint, or collaborate with to make fame, money, or be the authority, they not only mess it up, but it is a form of stealing. This is what radio talk show hosts, media, journalists, podcasters, pundits, contractors, writers, and so called experts always do, they plagiarize. They steal, and plagiarize, and hurt the masses of people. Thus, harming themselves in an unseen way. Let me ask you. If you had a fighter who trained 20 years and was about to go in to the ring, but you stole his clothes and gave it to someone else, what will happen to your fight? You will lose.

The truth is, when I approached the left with the China CCP Bioweapon AI Great Reset narrative, they treated it as crazy, racist and conspiracy. The conservatives, treated it as crazy, but later many started to steal that narrative to make money, fame, power, and censor me and The AI Organization. There is not one news outlet, their president or chief editors, conservative or liberal that didn’t know we put out the warning and intel on the bioweapon from China, and AI Great Reset in 2019 and 2020. The good people inside of them wanted to run it and still want to report and make amends through redemption and virtuous principles, however, power, losing face, and jealousy by some at the top, is too much for them to want to do what is right. Thus, they lose their blessings or you could say, their good luck, bit by bit. Because it was their hunger for jealousy, and power that contributed to the worlds situation, as has since the beginning of human history. Hence, they can’t resist doing bad things and making excuses to cover up what they did. They used their journalists via psychological war tactics to censor me by hunting down podcasters, celebrities’ and any politicians who attempted to give me media attention with my AI, bioweapon, great reset China, UFO narrative. They did in a way that their journalists were not even aware that it was happening. They used influence operations to deflect and confuse and the orders came down from their chief editors in a way that the news agencies didn’t know. Some media outlets, it was done by their senior journalists in a way that even their employees didn’t know it was being done.

After everything I put out regarding AI, China, Bioweapons, UFO’s, came true, Presidents and Chief editors in many news outlets continued to use their journalists and contacts behind the scenes to constantly plagiarize, steal and censor for the purpose of gaining power and more. They did it not just to make money, or fame, rather to hide that they did not report on the bioweapon and great reset because they were stealing and censoring. Every move we made, they attempted to overpower, cozy up and influence the Trump administration and manipulate the public. Some were Chinese in North East of the U.S, using White people as a front to manipulate other whites to censor my warnings, in order to gain power. This way, public wouldn’t know it was Chinese pulling the strings. Albeit, The AI Organization has many Chinese working with it for years, they still did this for power. Others were Americans who felt they are the Chosen ones to do the work of Jesus, and they know best. And of course, the big tech elites and politicians on the left side did not want this stuff to get out because in my Big Tech, Google Facebook, CCP class action Lawsuit, I warned the world of the Chinese Bioweapon, AI Transhumanism, Censorship and wars coming. The elites and many corporations were accused of being negligent by transferring technology used for genocide in China and funding the Wuhan Lab. All of what I revealed there, came true. However, Eric Schmidt of Google, learned a lot from me by reading my books, watching video’s, interviews, and later taking my AI, China, Quantum, Human Rights, Genocide narrative to congress, pentagon heads and the Biden administration. In essence, it’s a good, thing, yet, it’s another form of plagiarism and failing to collaborate with the expert who did the work and brought forth the analysis. Was he afraid to contact me for discussion because I put his name on a federal lawsuit for crimes against humanity?

Why They Suspended Trumps Twitter, Facebook and U Tube Accounts

Based on my analysis and intel, President Trump’s Twitter, Facebook, and U Tube were suspended because they believed or thought Gen. Flynn is running the Q operation on their platforms and Trump was going to use it, and it would lead to a Civil War. And this narrative was given to intel agencies who were already tagging Qannon as a potential movement to over-run the government or create terrorism, albeit it was mainly digital and peaceful until Jan 6th. If they didn’t censor and allowed Trump more room to speak, and didn’t’ weaponize intel groups against him, we would never have had the Qannon or militia issues. In fact, Gen. Flynn was not running the entire Q digital network, rather, he amplified tweets, and promoted Qannon alongside with his digital soldiers and became Q in it’s dynamic sense at certain times, and not by being given the title, or taking the title himself. Because anyone can become Q based on the Anonymous fluidity and the dynamic process. Hence, it was the citizens who to varying degrees appointed him as the operator in an unconscious way that involved no agreed upon designation. In essence, when people on the left were amplifying Anonymous and Antifa, they were becoming a part of that, or their version of Q. The danger was the same from the left side as it was from the right side. As far as Gen. Flynn’s role, he was involved in social media activity.

However, President Trump was not involved, he only gave RT’s on accounts he wanted to amplify to tease or deflect on the main-stream media who were hunting him. In essence, it was an amplification of a goose hunt that the low IQ media reporters were hunting on, as they were viewing at times some low IQ Qannon accounts who were involved in the SYOP themselves. You can say, it was a play or a Zoo spectacle. The fact that a President has to resort to Retweeting accounts like that tells you that the media was being biased and weaponized against him and he has little power to communicate. This tells you, Presidents have never been in control, rather corporations, and intel agencies manipulating the low IQ media reporters and low IQ chief editors to control nations. In Trumps case, he didn’t want to be controlled and wanted to rescue the U.S from global tech dictatorships and bring the nation back to a system of checks and balances as a constitutional Republic.

2020 Election Audits : Civil War or Terrorism if Audits not Completed and Shown?

I strongly believe some people within the elites, and our politicians as well as bad actors in the intelligence agencies want to pin that Gen. Flynn is Q and Trump is Q+ as said by the followers who were projecting that to them. And they want to do this at a subliminal and conscious level to halt the election integrity audits or reduce it’s exposure by bringing up charges or utilizing the media to create chaos under the guise of terrorism. One, if Gen. Flynn and his network wanted to act like terrorists, or forcefully take back the government, they wouldn’t be doing audits, rather they would make action. Two, you can’t fault Gen. Flynn for his social media activity any more than you can the progressives who used influence for their side. Three, if they keep on hunting Trump and his associates, if they actually succeed it would leave a vacuum of “Patriots or Extremists” that would resort to violence. In fact, having Trump, Gen. Flynn in positions of leadership, reduces violence in the future, as they have say.

I believe, if the DOJ, Biden Administration, FBI, NSA, and media do not allow for the audits to be completed and for everyone to see if there was fraud and to what extent, than there may be a civil war, or at the very least 50-200 incidents similar to Timothy Mcveigh would occur. And they would not be Qannons, rather the day to day people that have not been tracked by NSA, FBI or Social Media companies not related to Gen. Flynn or others. These events would make the U.S look like entire warzones, destabilize the military, and it would be beyond the control of even the military, unless they took the full force of the military against the populous. If they did that, China would rule the world and the U.S would be no more. At some point, the military would be taken over by zealots that connect to big tech, and cause chaos, making the U.S a third world nation.

The FBI, NSA, CIA, Pentagon, and Biden Administration believe they have things under control. I say, it will be beyond the control of anyone, and at that time words or media will do nothing to calm the situation. U.S will have many pockets that look like many warzones.

Not many listened when I warned of the Wuhan Bioweapon, or Great Reset, nor did they give me a platform to speak. If they don’t listen or support my advisory here, I will be right again. And the turmoil will also be bad for the liberal elites and everyone inside our intelligence community. If there was no fraud, than lets see it. If there was fraud lets see that too. Let the Audits continue, leave Gen. Flynn, and the people around him working on election integrity alone to safeguard national security and bring forth transparency…

Share this article (National Security Advisory). I will disclose one more thing. I stated in my 2019 warning that I found extinction codes for the majority of the human race in stages the next 20 years after the release of the bioweapon and the Great Reset. I would say now the probability of billions not surviving in numerous events in the next 20 years is at 99%, and it all is related to virtue, and ethics. As even the most religious or people you would think are good, do not cut the standard of ethics required for sustainability. I do not think I will be putting more predictions in the future, nor attempting to alter the course of history, because it’s not my job to save the world. There are 7 billion on the planet, when the very people in the media do not report, or support, it is a reflection of a pattern to destruction in stages.

Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization, The guy who predicted and warned of the Wuhan Bioweapon, Great Reset and everything else..