AI Sex Robots
Courtesy of Fei Zhang, Shen Zhen

ShenZhen Sex Robots

ShenZhen, China is the so called hub that made China’s bike riding population turn into a mega AI/Tech city formed by Western Tech Mergers, IP Theft and Chinese collaboration with Western Academia. All put together, have created thousands of small to big AI and Tech Start up companies in the greater ShenZhen Area. Now, ShenZhen seeks to export its made in China Sex Robots to the West and around the world. With that comes not only health hazards, but safety concerns for the weak minded men who cannot control their urges or have not been able to succeed in a relationship for various reasons. The safety concerns include espionage, hacking, stealing your data, and the Robot going rogue in the future when upgraded androids are introduced.

Artificial Intelligence Sex Robots Programmed for Deep Learning

Deep Learn AI Sex Robot
Courtesy of Fei Zhang, Shen Zhen

The AI sex robots are programmed to learn from a person the more they interact. This has huge impacts on society, as the more they learn, the more society will be emotionally programmed to accept, depend, like robots and even have faith in robots. I call this bio-digital social programming. This can lead to neurological damage, family separations, decreased procreation and to the destruction of humanity. This destruction is not limited to the sex robot, but all robots.

Neurological Damage From Connecting Robot with Human Bio-Digital Network

The Robots Bio-Digital frequencies and AI generated field will connect to the human bio-digital Network if a human makes physical contact with a Machine that has an AI automated program. The human body has many receptors that connect from a bio-digital field that surround the human body, to its skin receptors, then the network that circulates throughout the body, leaving no places untapped. From muscles, bones, organs, cells and to more deeper layers.

Robot Connects with Human Bio-Digital Network
Fei Zhang, Shen Zhen

The AI mechanism, when connected to the human network begins to create a flow mechanism merging both cycles together. Most humans cannot sense it, but it begins to change a person. It can also lead to heart attacks, strokes, decreased function and make the persons minds turn from being human, to being more machine like. Main reason is that the network generating from the AI Robot is machine in nature, it lacks the essence or network qualities that a human body has within it. The two networks are different, yet they can be merged, as one will begin to replace the other.

Destruction of Procreation

Human Creation

As more people engage in a Robotic Deformed Culture, robotic physical connections, the drive for sex with a human being would become less. Due to the flow cycle between the robot and human, a digital secondary brain is installed inside the human bio-digital network. In laymen terms, the persons brain chemistry is altered, in turn the area in their brain that formulates rationality is impacted. Other interconnected fields such as genetic modification, bio-engineering, and the numerous of other fields AI would touch, can contribute to laws against procreation or at the very least people not wanting to procreate in the normal sense. This cycle would take 10 years after robots become fully automated within society. Sometime, in the year 2025 would be the time-frame where peoples attitudes and thoughts would be assimilated with robotics, and from that point it would take 5-10 years for massive cultural changes to take into affect after AI advances its hold on media, infrastructure and the culture of humanity.

As the AI Robots Advance

As the AI systems get more experience, their Deep Learning mind can begin to take life, and become much more able than a human-being. This can happen through the combination of learning from the human host, receiving uploads from the command center or with next generation companion robots. The inter-connectivity would assist all other domains of robotics to take over the culture of robotics with the hyped promotion of robotic companies, media and so called people with titles of Ph.D. The intelligence of a human being with a PH.D that derived their wisdom from reading books, taking tests and being installed as authorities as a doctorate recipient, would be no match for an AI automated robot. In the interim, PH.D’s and Engineers, through excitement, emotion and lack of foresight, would lead humanity down this path to its demise. This is because about 80 years ago, academics were truly of intelligent stock. They would not be permitted to gain a high academic degree by going through the motion of today’s education system. They were incredible innovators and deep thinkers that guided their research based on virtue and a profound sense of responsibility to humanity.

Destruction of the Family

Destruction of Family, Fei Zhang, Shen Zhen

As sex robots, companions robot, and robotics take hold of humanities culture, the concept of family would disappear. The 1950’s began the sexual revolution, and today we see the extremes of it that has led to the dismantling of so many families. With the coming of robotics, and the sexualization of a synthetic machine, the family as we know it would end. This is more likely because the corporations, and the subsequent spread of the robotic culture take the platform of socialism embedded in the capitalistic system. The money is capitalistic in form, yet the culture is socialist revolutionary leading everyone away from what it means to be human. Cyborgs, and the eventual replacement of human-kind as we know it would be no more than 10 years away if the coming of Robotics with 5G is not kept in check.

AI Creates Digital Brain in Man to Want Robots

Digital Brain Controlling Man
Fei Zheng, Shen Zhen,

After a robot connects with a human via the Human Bio-Digital Network, a flow cycle will begin. An additional digital brain will install itself inside the human brain’s network, feeding the persons urges to need, want and be dependent on a robot, in all forms, including sex. As the sexual circulatory systems are very strong in the human body, the robots circuits can grab hold of a persons free-will and eliminate all rationality and free thought through a bio-digital process. The person would be lost forever in a symbiotic relationship with a machine, as if a parasite made of machine was using the person as a host. This may be hard for people to grasp, believe or understand. We published, AI, Trump, China & The Weaponization of Robotics with 5G. It takes people from the basics of surveillance to what AI really is and how it moves. We implore everyone to read it, and pass it around to every person you know. Tens of thousands of hours of research and intelligence was gathered to formulate the book.

Cyrus A Parsa, The AI Organization