AI Mind Control

Wearable Devices

MIT, Facebook and Microsoft have created wearable head devices that can allow humans to connect and access the internet. There are numerous uses for it, and many are alarming. Presently people are using smart phones and IoT to connect with the internet. In the near future, corporations have set plans into motion for smart phones to be weeded out and an intermittent stage to begin. That is, wearable electronic devices that will do almost everything your smart phone can do.

Indirect Orwellian Approach

The West has an indirect Orwellian approach that can transition to being marked and implanted with devices inside the brain and body. We came up with a theory to explain our findings of more than 10 Billion Data algorithms that goes into programming a person. I called it, Bio-Digital Social Programming, and that is what is happening to humankind at a massive scale. Our scans showed, the smarted engineers, media experts, and national leaders in their field, have at least half of their thoughts and beliefs formulated by a Bio-Digital Social Programming that cuts off their free-will and own designed area in the brain for free thought.

China’s Direct Orwellian Approach on Kids

AI Controls People
Courtesy of Fei Zhen

China is an authoritarian Socialist State. It’s Schools in China are mandating little school kids to wear electronic wearable devices that can scan the children’s brain data as they are studying. The ploy is that it will allow the computer, teacher, student and parent’s at home to monitor how attentive the kids are and extract data for innovative purposes. The devices come from American companies and internal copies made in China.

Pineal Gland Being Controlled by AI

Little kids that are made to wear these devices on their heads are complaining of “pain in the area of the pineal gland and that they feel they are being controlled. Scientists for decades, have not been able to figure out what the role of the pineal gland is in the body, as it has the component for an additional human eye, yet there is no physical eye present. The AI system knows to connect there, where there is a hidden gateway that connects all the frequencies that can connect in the human body right at that point.

Mice in China being Controlled with AI Composed Mind Devices

AI Mice Control China
Courtesy of Fei Zhang

Chinese AI and Bio-Metric researchers are experimenting on mice as they are with people. They have to some degrees succeeded in controlling the thoughts and subsequent movements in mice. This is a stepping stone to use the authoritarian governmental socialist platform to be able to control every persons thoughts in China. The AI Organization is in many ways more than 10 years ahead with regards to the risks of AI, yet the media has not picked up our findings as of yet. We hope to safeguard humanities interests before AI hurts a lot of people.

Cyrus A Parsa, The AI Organization

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