Smart Phone Health Hazards
Karolina Grabowska, Pixabay

Smart Phone Frequencies Cause Digital Disruption in the Human Body

We discovered that Smart Phones frequencies are disrupting the signals that your body uses to communicate with your organs and other operations that keep you healthy, functional and clear headed. Currently, Smart Phones are using the 4G network, and have yet to operate on the 5G network, which could increase this disruption exponentially.

Health Impacts of Head Use

Numerous potential health hazards exist currently with long-term use of smart phones held against your head. They include, cancer, strokes, decreased motor functioning, decreased mental aptitude, and Bio-Digital Social Programming. We published our findings in the book AI, Trump, China & The Weaponization of Robotics with 5G. The Smart Phone actually creates a flow cycle with your Human Bio-Digital Network. This blending of machines and human, is actually bit by bit making you a cyborg, dependent on the machine. The health affects are really bad.

Scanning Apparatus on Brain’s using Smart Phones

We conducted multiple human brain scans using a variety of apparatus, including various bio-metric tools. Every time a test subject put their phone to their head, the monitors displayed a disruption to the human body’s operating system in multiple ways. The receptors that communicate with your organs were being disrupted, as were the hard-wiring that makes you human.

Patterns of Organ Failure

We analyzed the digital disruption patters between the smart phone and the Human Bio-Digital Network. The analysis showed coding patters that transformed from communication, to digital disruption, misfire, degeneration, and death. In Layman terms, the human organ stops functioning normally over time, then it degenerates, and finally it fails. This finding is alarming.