Digital Codes in Google & Baidu Platforms

This AI Intelligence report is not to blame anyone or particular entity mentioned, yet it discloses some key elements in a Pawn Game with a global design that can hurt not only every country, but humanity at large. The AI Organization ran numerous algorithms after investigating multiple entities that directly and indirectly were mobilized to extract data, shift and influence the thought patterns of society, and attack various departments within the U.S administration. These patterns connected the U.S, the Trump administration, 37 countries, 18 agencies, and over 1,000 corporations and media outlets in a global systematic process led by AI automated codes in Google, Baidu, and numerous other platforms that linked more than 50% of the time with China.

AI Global Design
Cyrus A. Parsa, Courtesy of Ocelia64, Dreamstime. AI Global Design mobilized by Tech and Industry

The systematic mobilization was not a human mastermind collusion or a conspiracy, but a hybrid geo-political system, with individual bias all led and guided by AI codes and software designed to resist the de-platforming of the AI Global Bio-Digital Network that is meant to interconnect all of humanity with AI, 5G, Drones, Robotics and Machines. This is a digital system that incorporates and interconnects all governments, agencies, media, countries, corporations and people. It has not transformed in complete form to a bio-digital system. Yet, at a digital level, peoples thoughts were influenced through their bio-metrics via bio-digital social programming. A very sophisticated process of social engineering I describe in the book ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Dangers to Humanity.

Intelligence Agencies and Rogue Entities Involved

The Many Spy Agencies
Cyrus A. Parsa, Courtesy of Wit Olszewski, dreamstime, Big Tech and Many Intelligence Agencies being used in Political Battles Against the U.S Presidency

Elements within the CIA, DGSE, FBI, Fundeskanzleramt, (BND), DOJ, MI6 (SIS), MIT, Secret Service, Mossad, ISIS, DHS, DOD, ICE, Chinese Intelligence Services, FSB, SVR RF, VAJA, and (CI) Confucius Institutes, played a heavy interconnection of intelligence gathering, geo-political struggle, and counter intelligence to push back at the U.S administrations global countering and attempted to eliminate the Trump Administration.

Elements within the CIA, FBI, DOJ, DOD and DHS who were mobilized to push narratives against the administration were indirectly influenced by corporations who were fed Intel from other sources that were supported by Chinese entities. Some Secret Service members were not respectful of the Presidency, and made some people connected to the Trump family and the President at times question their own safety in the initial first year. There was very deep concerns over who to trust. Germany’s (BND)Fundeskanzleramt, who answers to Merkel, looked into Trump, as did elements of the British MI6. Entities connected with Mossad were mobilized to attack the party of Natanyahu to weaken the U.S Administration. (VAJA) The Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic of Iran was directly influenced by China to threaten and cause chaos in the Middle East as to turn the Trump Administration’s efforts away from China’s IP Theft, trade war and China’s gross human rights violations, including organ harvesting within China’s concentration camps. China attempted to back door Trump in North Korea numerous times.

The French General Directorate for External Security, (DGSE) was utilized to inspect sources related to the Trump administration, as was MI6 and some sources connected to Scotland. The Confucius Institutes backed by China’s government and Chinese Embassies around the world used espionage and soft power to undermine the thoughts and beliefs of Academia, and cast doubt on the U.S administration. The National Intelligence Organization (MIT) in Turkey was used to spy on Trumps investments, and semi-counter the U.S administration efforts with the Kurd’s. Albeit, behind their efforts, was influence by Chinese sources who influenced sources related to MIT. ISIS was directly manipulated with sources in Turkey to strengthen the position of Turkey and weaken the U.S administrations assault on ISIS. Attempts were made to influence the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) to gather dirt on President Trump and his connections. The Foreign Intelligence Service of Russian Federation (SVR RF) was attempted to be used by many Chinese companies to weaken and attack assets strategically important to the U.S. Mr. Putin curtailed damaging efforts aimed at the U.S after realizing their was a corporate counter intelligence operation against the U.S linked back to former U.S Presidents and their corporate contacts.

Corporations Involved

Huewei  Reach
Cyrus A. Parsa, Courtesy of Flavijus, Dreamstime

Google, Baidu, Huawei, Megvii Face++, Sensetime, Alibaba, Amazon and hundreds of other corporations were used by China in trade war initiatives as well as normal soft power measures to undermine, weaken and sabotage the U.S Presidency. Every time the Administration attempted to curtail China’s concentration camps or advancements into Hong Kong, China would use its corporate and academic influence to shift perspectives and initiatives in their favor, hurting the free world. Huawei, is in 170 countries, and they are one arm offensive for China’s plans to dominate the world and BRI on the 5G network with the use of AI, Robotics, Machines and Drones, dominating all corporations and people. Sensetime, Megvii Face++ are some of the bio-metrics arms collecting the information of all the people on the plant. Alibaba and Baidu play a large part into this, as does Google and Amazon. China steals data from Amazon, and is achieving war empowering AI capabilities from the help of google, including censorship.

Media Victims of Bio-Digital Social Programming

Media Press Victims of AI Bio-Digital Social Programming
Cyrus A. Parsa, Courtesy of Funtap P, Dreamstime, Media Victims of Bio-Digital Social Programming to Attack the Presidency

Traditionally, the press and reporters have been victims of manipulation from governments, corporations and special interest. Producers have always made relationships with certain entities who groom young reporters into the organization to push a narrative, rather than report the news in an unbiased way. As explained in ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Dangers to Humanity, with a smart phone, IoT, and the internet connection with AI, the media, as do all of humanity go through a process of bio-digital social programming via their bio-metrics. It is not only the content in the transmissions of texts, images, videos and emails that are programming people, it is the AI software that replicates a secondary digital brain inside the human brain, practically reprogramming the persons thoughts or perspectives. This was one of the many discoveries The AI Organization made, and published in both books.

Countries Involved

Chinese Soft Power
Cyrus A. Parsa, Courtesy of Sergii Gnatiuk, China Manipulating Nations against the U.S.

The pawn game behind initiatives to sabotage U.S’ human rights initiatives, IP theft and China’s global dominance of humanity was China’s use of other countries culture, historical, political and trade needs against themselves in a systematic process much like a chess game. The interconnection of Iran, Turkey, Russia, North Korea, Germany, France, Taiwan, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Macau, Singapore, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, England, Scotland, Greenland, and many African countries affected the U.S greatly.

China attempted to use the left leaning people in America and old Republican click to erode the Administrations efforts to get along with Russia. China made trade and political moves by using North Korea against Japan, South Korea and the U.S initiatives. China pressured banks and investors from Switzerland and Wall-street to hinder the U.S or not cooperate. China gave AI Automated weapons to entities in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran that funneled it to use in Saudi Arabia and against Israel. China used money incentives to shift favor of businessmen in Singapore, Macau, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Taiwan. China social engineered Greenland politicians not to cooperate on Earth Mining Projects with America. Chinese companies, and Chinese living abroad social engineered many western entities and people against the U.S by casting doubt on the Trump Administration or using emotions and feelings people have towards perceptions of President Trump’s past. This emotional hatred towards President Trump bypasses the greatest threat to themselves and humanity, that involves China taking control of the world through an Orwellian system on the 5G network with Drones, Machines and Robotics, all controlled by AI systems.

People Involved with Chinese Footprints in Every Domain

Cyrus A. Parsa, Courtesy of Peshkov & Newsvision940, Chinese Game of Thrones, Dividing the World under its Tenticles

Everywhere I looked and dispatched investigations and analysis, China, Chinese Corporations, researchers, spies, students or common citizens were behind soft power manipulation or direct covert operations to control, influence or deceive western CEO’s, corporations and the common citizen. The system from the Chinese was not limited to IP theft, espionage, forced tech transfers, open-source data extraction, or investments. No. Behind every researcher, institute or corporation was a design that led back to codes in Google, Baidu and direct geo-political manipulation from the Chinese Government operating on a Socialist Platform based on an AI system that is between Artificial Narrow Intelligence and Artificial General Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence Systems Involved

AI Digital Brain
Cyrus A. Parsa, Spepanenko Iksana, Dreamstime, AI Digital Brain System Controlling Humanity

China, via thousands of corporations, institutes and investments has built the foundation of AI weaponry that can provide surveillance and control of all of humanity through the 5G network. These weaponry include billions of IoT and Smart Phones. Robotics, Drones and Machines with AI automated guiding systems bordering Artificial General Intelligence that could be merely 2-5 years from China’s reach. This makes China, the most dangerous entity on the planet to every citizen of the world. We made public most of our findings by publishing in AI, Trump, China & The Weaponize of Robotics with 5G on August 24th, 2019, after giving the U.S government some time to build back end momentum. We subsequently provided an update with actual company names by publishing ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Dangers to Humanityon October 20th, 2019. No media would report on our books or 100’s of findings extracted by investigating over 1,000 corporations, for fear of offending China and their relationship. The biggest Press Releases in the country stated in writing “It is slanderous to China and Huawei and we cannot run your press release”.

The one media that generally reports on China, stated the AI, 5G, Robotics, and Drone findings along with 100 other discoveries “were not important, nothing big, they don’t do AI, not something they cover and I think to highly of these issues, to wait or find another outlet”. However, through investigation, the very reporters we trusted to report our findings to the world, were using our books, and reports they had access to, in narratives to commercialize all our discoveries, plagiarize our work and have other think tanks, Retired Generals, and military advisers, utilize the themes, and mobilize their reporters to build relationships with politicians, and other think tanks for their own benefit. A concise effort to mobilize their social media via their journalists in an attempt to sideline the original narrative and intelligence into their hands by creating a track of articles and interviews in strategic ways has been made, making a lot of people in that organization victims of a handful of people who conspired and used their movements ethical standard as a base of trust. This selfish fight for power and fame, has hurt Humanity by delaying catch up to the clock that China leads. A form of IP theft and Orwellian Communism at its worst. Thousands of hours of work, heart, efforts to warn humanity, by The AI Organization, plagiarized, and not used in the proper way. Their efforts actually delayed mainstream media and the global citizenry to mobilize before China started strangling Hong Kong further. They hurt the Hong Kong people even more. They hurt a lot of people and lots of opportunities to stop some inevitable threats to Humanity from China. This is a huge problem. The right blames the left, and the left blames the right, while both media claim to be not biased. Yet, to build yourself on a truthful platform that fights Socialism, and lie, steal, and cheat, melts into the corruption that creates an endless interconnection of conflicts humanity has endured since the beginning of written history. It is simply a Pawn Game on every front, hurting humankind in every way possible, dividing a nation, dividing the world, to its own peril. On a positive note, we would like to thank those Chinese media outlets who reported our findings, and were not silent at this historic time. You know how much is at stake with China and the threat they pose to the world. The world is in danger via China’s use of Artificial Intelligence and it mobilization of robotics, machines, drones, MBT’s, bio-engineering, and bio-metric surveillance systems connected to all corporations and infrastructure on the 5G network. Read ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Dangers to Humanity to know more and collaborate.

Cyrus A. Parsa, Tha AI Organization