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Bioengineering of human beings have been tried throughout the world by the Military Industrial Complex, secret labs, governments, and corporations. I unclassified this information with relation to China on Aug 24th, 2019 with the publication of AI, Trump, China and the Weaponization with Robotics with 5G, and the last 2 books, Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity and The Great Reset: How Big Tech Elites and the World’s People Can Be Enslaved by China CCP or A.I.. In December, the Pentagon verified The AI Organization’s findings with serius concern, as it pertains to the CCP and China.

Assassination’s with Super Soldiers

Imagine a future, where gen edited babies raised to become Super Soldiers meant for military dominance and assassination’s of public figures. This can be a reality in numerous intricate ways. As I see it, the Chinese regime threatens the lives of the world’s people with AI, bioweapons, persecution, soft power, social engineering, and enslavement by using the Art of War. They are a monstrous regime cloaked in rhetoric with one aim, world domination over all races and peoples. In fact they are not really Communist within the financial and technological sectors.. They may be atheistic, they may hate the concept of religion, or the idea that the universe was created by a God beyond the comprehension of human beings, in order to achieve enlightenment through faith alone. This may be all true of the Communist Thought (AKA) Communist Religion as I call it, for it is a belief system that promotes violence. However, what the ruling despots really are, is a gangster parasitical crony capitalistic entity under the platform of a Communist Dictatorship that has no regard for the dignity of the human race or loyalty to goodness.

An Animal Has More Ethics than the CCP

In fact, an animal has more loyalty and ethics, than the Chinese regime who engages in rape, torture, ethnic cleansing, and Genocide of its own Chinese people. In addition, they lied about the outbreak, which led to trillions of dollars in world damages, millions dead, and millions more infected. The CCP doesn’t care about race, gender, faith, sexual orientation, your families, or this planet, only Power and Domination. It must be stopped, and it must be eliminated for the safety of the Chinese citizens and the world’s people. It can be done in a peaceful way. Get a physical copy of The Great Reset recently published. It is neutral and written to support liberals, conservatives, people of all walks of life.

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