The AI Organization

The AI Organization



"Cyrus, Your Findings and Analysis on the threats of China and AI Bio-Security, is Genius and will change the course of History. I took your report to the Military" July, 2019.

CIA Director, Fmr Covert Ops

"Cyrus, I don't think there is anyone in the world who researched 1,000 AI companies and concluded an Analysis that the interconnection between China and Western Tech Companies, with the combination of humanities Facial Recognition, Bio-Metrics, Drones, Robotics, 5G, Bio-Engineering, AGI, and a Digital Quantum AI Brain, threatens to social engineer, enslave, or possibly eradicate most of the world citizenry via China and Artificial Super Intelligence. Your Book is incredible and your many discoveries are amazing." August, 15th, 2019

Dr. Eric G. Frost, CO-Director of Nations First Interdisciplinary Homeland Security Program

"Cyrus, Your research, investigation, and analysis of AI threats to humanity and the interconnection between China and Big Tech is Genius, and deserves the support of the intelligence community, media and people from all walks of life. Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity is very deep" Oct, 2019

Michael J. Cooper, Secret Service/FBI Special Task Force

A.I Books

A.I Books By: Cyrus, The AI Organization,

AI Bio-security books that mobilized the Pentagon, Intelligence Community, Media and the World on the topics of China CCP and the Misuse of AI by Big Tech

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