Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization. Term Coined by Cyrus in early 2019

Micro-Botic Terrorism-Coined By Cyrus A. Parsa, January, 2019.

Micro Botic Terrorism is a term I coined in early 2019 to describe the weaponization of micro drones, nanobots, virus’s, micro-botics and an array of different weapon delivery systems that can be automated or governed by A.I system on 5G and 6G systems. Mosquito and Robo Bees created at Harvard and Wyss institute or Cybernetic-ally altered dragon flies in places such as Draper. Other uses are nanobots, nano particles, virus’s and poison delivery systems.

Brief Given to Secret Service in Spring 2019

The brief given described some of the threats posed from Micro-Botic terrorism as it pertains to China’s Communist Regime and its interconnection to big tech companies. The brief concluded that if China and big tech are not curtailed within 1 year, 2 years max, the entire world is in danger of being harmed or enslaved. Some of the elements, as it pertains to the possibility of the virus being used was not put in the brief for security reasons. A request was put forth to discuss that risk with the Director of the Secret Service and senior White House Staff. I had ideas to prevent this pandemic. Later these concepts were released in the books AI, Trump, China and the Weaponization of Robotics with 5G and Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity.

China’s Communist MBT Threat

At the moment China poses the greatest threat to the world with Micro-Botic Terrorism as it connected Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the Far East on Huawei’s 5G systems. Company copies such as Festo can be used for assassination on this network on world leaders or key people anywhere China and its Communist regime can connect with on the (BRI) One Belt One Road.

Read Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity

Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity is the most comprehensive AI book sourced from a 10,000 page report zipped into 260 pages with pictures. The inner meanings are numerous. Present, Emerging and Future threats of AI, China CCP and the Misuse of bio-technology from rogue actors. This is a time that DHS, Secret Service, FBI, DHS, NSA, Military and DOJ must be most vigilant. Watch the short video, as it includes some concepts not included within the article.

Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity Book