Cyrus A. Parsa, Corona Virus Replication on 5G Findings

Following Discoveries & Conclusion’s Come from Investigating 1,000+ AI, Robotics, 5G, Biometrics and Bioengineering Companies by Cyrus A. Parsa

As described in the books AI, Trump, China and the Weaponization of Robotics with 5G and Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity, 5G is not built for human beings, it is for machines. The frequencies are so strong, that they can lower your immune system, cause neurological and cell damage, alter your brain chemistry and affect your nervous system. This process does not exclude the very sophisticated concepts of bio-digital social programming that human beings can go under while exposed to 5G, let alone the replication affect of diseases such as the corona virus, Covid 19.


AI Trump China and the Weaponization of Robotics with 5G, Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity

5G Frequencies Made for Machines, Lowers Immune Systems in Humans, Increasing Coronavirus Affect

The Towers being installed around the country, the world and the frequencies emitting were originally designed for machines, drones and military application for 5G networks. It is not healthy for human beings to have these systems around their homes, families or cities, other than in places for strategic military defense capabilities. The affects of 5G are numerous, including bio-digital social programming, psychological, neurological, and cellular damage.

Smart Phones Proximity Sensors Connect to Nervous System

The smart phones proximity sensors can read your heart beat, menstrual cycle, map out your brain, as well as connect with your nervous system and skin receptors. As you are engaging with your smart phones, the 5G frequencies would connect to your body via your smart phone, IoT and other devices that carry the 5G signals. This engagement puts your health and immunity at risk, not to mention the current deployment of 5G towers around the country.

Coronavirus Replication, Vaccines and Exposure of Previous Covid 19 Persons

The 5G system would allow those who have been exposed to Coronavirus to potentially lower their immunity, thus allowing the Coronavirus, and even vaccines they already carry in their bodies to replicate and grow to potential dangerous territories. If this happens, it would severely hurt a lot of people around the country and the world.

For People’s Safety, The Trump Administration and AI Division Should Put an Immediate Halt to all 5G Non Defense/Military Deployment, including for Cell Phone Carriers.

Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization, 3-18-2019

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