Cyrus A. Parsa, Courtesy of Motay,

In the Months of January and February, during the greatest upheavals of the Chinese Communist Virus (CCP Virus), registered Cell Phone users dropped by more than 21.5 Million people. I first published in February 7th, that numbers could be as high as 60,000 dead, that the Virus has been in the U.S since December, and it mutates and has already infected many Americans and people around the world. On February 24th, I published that the death counts are potentially more than 100,000, considering 1200 a day Crematorium death counts just from Wuhan alone were coming in daily, and matched the extinction code simulations I found stemming from China and Big Tech as published in the book Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity

China requires its citizens to use their cell phones to travel, log in for purchases, and Show their Face to Activate Social Media

Because Chinese cannot buy food, and log in online without using their facial recognition, the 21.5 million suggests a combination of large numbers of death and or quarantine with deletion or deactivation of their accounts. IF they are quarantined, than either the government has shut down their phones, or somehow they have been made to relinquish their phones. If that is the case, than why would the Chinese Communist Government do this?

Suppressing Virus Spread Data and News

If 21.5 million people are not dead, than other potentional answer would be that they are suspected of having the virus because the Chinese government uses AI systems to monitor their peoples speech, whereabouts and even their health data. The Chinese Communist Government is attempting to lie, deflect, and blame the U.S. Reports have been coming in from private sources in China, that the military was killing citizens who had the virus, and cremating their bodies for months. It is likely millions died and many more were put in quarantine and their cell phones shut off. China’s Communist Party has 1.5 billion people, and an army of social media soldiers with a propaganda campaign to cast doubt on high death numbers.

Organ Harvesting of Falun Dafa, Christians and Others

For 20 years, constant reports have come in from China that the Chinese Communist Regime has been harvesting the organs of Falun Dafa Practitioners, Christians, Uygurs and Tibetans within their concentration camps, and cremating their bodies right after. Chinese Communist Regime has 70 years of blood on their hands, and now they have endangered the worlds citizens, as I published and warned in both books, August 24th, 2019, October 20, 2019, and all the articles and reports given to different agencies. The U.S must expose and take down the Chinese Government through demands that they dissolve the Communist Party for war crimes against humanity. The Book Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity shows dangers to the worlds citizens in stages. Download and Read.