Extinction Codes
Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization

Under Reporting Deaths and Alternative Reporting of High Death Numbers

For weeks constant reports out of China have come through that thousands of bodies per day have been burned in crematoria’s in Wuhan and around China. Citizens are being suicided, killed by their neighbors, or shot by the military. Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui, stated 1200 bodies a day are being cremated, roughly 1 day after I disclosed that the death count could be over 60,000 on February 7th, 2020. Zach Vorhies the Google Whistle Blower also compiled numerous data to suggest very high numbers of deaths, with highly contagious qualities, exist. I published on Feb 7th that it mutates in an article linking google with censoring reports, and published that it replicates in the body in both books since August, 2019.

Media and Google’s Employees Being Charged with Crimes Against Humanity

Since September 2019, I have attempted every legal possible way to get the media to report on my books and findings which concluded that the majority of the worlds people are in danger in stages from the combination of 5G, nation state conflicts, Quantum Computing, AI Misuse, Virus’s, Big Tech negligence, China and Bio-Weapons. Media and some people either ignored me, or planarized my work to create content without citing, making my work much harder to warn and attempt to assist the worlds people from the very many dangers to I found after running simulations. I found extinction codes and Algorithms after running simulations from sourcing 1,000 AI Big Tech Companies, China and the worlds geo-political climate and terrain. The media, their reporters, and producers can and should be charged with crimes against humanity for censoring reports, including Google and Social Media platforms and their owners. The book Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity, explains and depicts the entire process, and what happens on the world stage after running numerous simulated algorithms. It can be turned around, if numerous changes are made.

Some People in certain Groups and Disciplines Show Immunity to CoronaVirus

The Corona Virus has already crossed almost every nation. As stated in our February 7th Article, the virus mutates. Chinese, made in China products and any person that came into contact with Chinese who took different means of transportation, have spread the virus to many people and places, that currently lay dormant. There were some reports that in China, some of the people who were advanced at the Falun Dafa Qi Gong discipline, were immune to the disease. This is a claim made in the practice that advanced practitioners can alter their DNA and Immunity through the Mind-Body Qi Gong Discipline. Some other reports from China came back that devout Christians, Tibetans, and martial artists, were able to increase their immunity by prayer, faith or sheer mental will and focus that strengthened their resistance to the virus.

Closing All Borders and Flights Everywhere, Including the U.S to Mitigate Extra Exposure?

Although the Virus or Chinese Communist Regimes Bioweapon has spread to almost every nation, it may be best to immediately stop all international travel, to limit the spread of the virus from any person or group who have come into contact with Chinese who were in contact with the Virus. This is very hard to do, but to keep flights, trains, and borders open, only adds to the numbers of people infected. The U.S needs to close borders with Mexico, and Canada immediately.


Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity Book

Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization