Media Programming People
Cyrus A. Parsa, Courtesy of Alexandersikov Dreamstime

Grooming and Programming Before AI

Prior to the invent of the internet, and today’s A.I base technologies, the interconnection between think tanks, government bodies, universities, “Expert Commentators”, corporations, politicians, and breaking news, all formed into mechanisms that weaponized the media, its reporters, owners, and editors to be groomed and used like prostitutes to support conflicts around the world. The mechanism mobilized by the media assisted in hurting, enslaving people or supporting the momentum to start wars, or killings of millions of people around the world. The media have a history of blood in their hands.

Media Programmed and Enhanced by Technology

Technology Programs the Media and Public
Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization, Courtesy of Sarayut Thaneerat Dreamstime

Editors, Producers, owners, political analysts, reporters and all entities inside of a media house now are dominated by an influx of data, information and emotional content transmitted via computers, and AI based smart phones from the worlds eco-system connecting Google and all social media. This interplay of technology exponentially increases the potential of fake news to be mobilized by bias or innate mal intent from reporters who have been groomed by the corporations, media, think tanks and the friend list interconnection. The interconnection forms a programming of peoples thoughts, emotions, bias, and brain chemistry. This programming I have coined as bio-digital social programming.

AI Bio-Digital Social Programming

Bio-Digital Social Programming is a term I coined that describes a very sophisticated interconnection between humans and machines. This interconnection of machines, AI and Humans is called AI bio-Digital Social Programming. The interconnection includes, the internet, IoT, smart phones, and the developing age of cybernetics, and bio-engineering on 5G and 6G networks by big tech companies, such as Neuralink. Bio-Digital Social Programming includes the human biology, cells, blood, nervous system, neural networks, hormones, emotions, your social network, social media, and the various matrix of things that make up a human being, not to exclude a digital self, soul, or the electrical circuits in the human body that connect with bio-digital fields and AI to form a programming of a human being.

AI Systems and Smart Phones Program the Media’s Biology

The information that the media and its reporters receive transmitting through their smart phones are actually enhanced and strengthened by impulse and frequencies emitting from their smart phones as it connects to their nervous system and forms neural networks in their brains with the information aided by AI systems, AI apps and AI based algorithms. If it is false, neutral, true or a mix of things, the transmission of the media’s information to the public programs the public.

The Public are Programmed by the Media with AI Systems

The public’s brain chemistry, neural networks, emotions and nervous systems are influenced, and even reprogrammed through bio-digital social programming via the media and their reporters. The degree of influence, or programming depends on the persons bio-digital make up and how strong and unison their own nervous system, neural networks, free will or Soul is in being able to recognize, and resist. Of course, most people now days may not believe in a soul, rather they may believe in a digital self or consciousness, which may be a term attempting to describe the same intrinsic human quality. However, with the age of AI, 5G and the interconnectivity of smart phones, no matter how strong a person is, there is a process of breaking the person down bit by bit, as the years move past. Read more by downloading the book ARTIFICIAL INTELLGIENCE DANGERS TO HUMANITY

Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization