Human Skeleton Detection
Cyrus A. Parsa, Image, Ekkasit Keatsirikul Dreamstime

Facial Recognition is not the only way to identify a group or an individual. The Chinese Regime through espionage, forced tech transfer, IP theft, corporate mergers and open-source sharing has developed Human Body Detection Software sourced through Megvii Face++, AKA Kuangshi and numerous other entities we have documented and investigated. Bio-Metrics is a vast network that is expanding as technology developments.

Human Detection Involves Gaze, Posture and Walking Style for Groups or Individuals

Megvii Face++ and other Chinese companies claim that they can identify a person through their posture, gaze, or walking style. The AI system can recognize a group of people to track by their uniform walk, or style of walk that matches previous recorded data of demonstrations. Another way Artificial Intelligence can be used is to program the detection software coded in a way that recognizes a person that is non-compliant with government coded orders within the system. In this case, it is the totalitarian Orwellian Communist State of China, known for 70 years of rape, murder, genocide, and killing of scientists, scholars, the faith community and educators. We have data on roughly 500 Chinese companies implicated in crimes against humanity, and another 600 Western companies that they have connections with in China and abroad.

Police in Hong Kong go to Family House’s To Arrest Youth Protesters

   Jhanderson, Dreamstime, Not Actual Image of Arrest.

Through numerous bio-metric tools, including human body detection the AI system pinpoints location based on tracking sourced from the human subject. These tools are sourced from social media data, apps, and smart phone tracking software embedded in your phone that includes voice, camera and bio-metric data of your health. These capabilities that have led to the arrest, torture and death of some of the Hong Kong youth stem from Western Tech companies investing, merging and doing business with China. In a sense, they are responsible, because China has a 70 year history of committing crimes against humanity under socialistic platform that allows for total control of all people via one entity, the Chinese Communist Party. knowingly doing business with a bad actor, has its consequences, and that is the subject of our upcoming articles.

Robots to be Deployed on 5G to Police Citizens

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China is building Robots, and installing Facial Recognition and numerous other bio-metric software meant to track, quarantine, capture or even kill people the Chinese Socialist Regime tags as non-compliant. If deployed, they can scan, track, hunt, quarantine and terminate the Chinese people at extremely fast speeds with great fatality among the populous.

Big Tech and The World Needs to Support the Hong Kong People for Everyone’s Safety

If China goes unchecked, and sacks Hong Kong, they will be able to exert and expand into other places if the U.S does not step in. At the moment, the Chinese are stalling, supporting one side of the U.S populous against the U.S President, knowing that through emotion, the people against the administration, will not see the big picture, the safety of humanity. The Chinese are also leveraging U.S tech and AI companies against the U.S government in order to delay action or weaken the Administrations position. They want to sack Hong Kong, then take Taiwan through Asset take over of Taiwanese companies and corporate influence of the upcoming Taiwanese Presidential elections. These are all expansionist plans under the platforms and influence of big tech trade, merger’s, and asset take over. China plans to take over the world through AI, & Robotics connected to the 5G network. If they succeed, than their position can change to military operations via AI, Drones and Robotics. To know more, Read, AI, Trump, China & The Weaponization of Robotics with 5G.

Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization