Black Community Enslaved by China CCP
Cyrus A. Parsa, Courtesy of John Gomez, Dreamtime

In respect for and the sprit of Black History Month, the Black Community and the security of humanity at large, I write this article as a warning about China CCP, their racism, and ask that it be shared for everyone’s sake, along with Video portion included in Article from The AI Organization U Tube Channel.

When I immigrated to the U.S from Iran as a child, I lived amongst the Black Community for 6 years, and learned English, Football, their culture and got to feel, experience and understand their pain and strong spirits, personally. I also learned a lot about Black history, and the struggles they went through by reading their history in school as any other child did in the Washington D.C area. I then lived in an all Anglo-Saxon area in the Midwest, learning their culture and the way they think and feel. Yet, nothing concerned me more than what I experienced living in China when I would leave the fighting Monks in the Mountains to visit the cities for supplies.


In 2019, wrote in the book Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity, that the Chinese Communist Regime heads slandered Blacks by calling them Monkey’s and Apes. Middle Easterners Rodents, Whites Pigs, and everyone knows how they treat their own citizens by putting them in concentration camps. The U.S government recently recognized the Uyghur Genocide, and the same needs to be called for the Falun Dafa Practitioners, House Christians, Tibetans and I will go one step further, Genocide of the Chinese people and crimes against humanity for keeping secrets about COVID 19 (AKA CCP Virus).

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I recently verified with my Chinese military contacts that what I heard and experienced almost 20 years ago with my trips to China, is still prevalent in the Chinese Communist Politburo and military. Putting the CCP’s racist and hateful history aside, consider their AI and BRI (New Silk Road) advancement’s.

In Zimbabwe, and all over Africa, China CCP has been using contractors and its corporations to buy land, factories, precious medals, while building roads, infrastructure, and loaning money to African leaders in society. Thus creating a dependency to CCP’s banks. Further, the CCP is expanding its BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) from China, to the Middle East and to Africa. This means, once they have laid the 5G-6G towers, created monetary, supply and psychological dependence on the African people, the CCP can surveille, control and enslave the black people against their will with Artificial Intelligence and even put them in concentration camps in the future. Robots, drones, facial recognition and other A.I. based machines can be used to enforce racist policies against the Black Communities or put them in enslavement.

If the CCP considers the Black community as animals behind the scenes, then why would anyone trust their kind gestures of building roads, industry, and loan initiatives? Basically, it is a soft power takeover of Africa through debt traps and technological supremacy.

Enslaving not Just Africa, but Black Americans

But it doesn’t end with the Black Community in Africa. The CCP uses their own citizens to create friendships, and emotional bonds with our Big Tech and Corporate leaders for their long term global plan to dominate. Thus, when they see the U.S has racial division, the CCP capitalizes off our situation by using influence, Psychological Warfare on liberals’ and conservatives, so that they fight each to a point where the CCP can gain leverage. After gaining leverage, buying farm lands, corporations, entertainment studios and investing in businesses, the CCP eventually can gain control over our Big Tech and Corporate elites.

If this happens, in the long run, the CCP Regime can not only enslave the Black Community in the U.S with racial injustice, but they can do this to anyone that is non-Chinese. This could happen in 10 years time, if the CCP is not exposed for their crimes against humanity and blatant racisms it spews and teaches behind the scenes. I personally have more than 1400 Chinese Contacts in my directory, and they connect with tens of thousands, and any honest Chinese would verify how the CCP is anti-human and utterly racist towards not only the Black folks, but practically anyone non-Chinese.

The Black Community Leaders and people of all colors must call out the CCP of China for their Racisms and Crimes against humanity for a better world. The AI Organization stands with the Black Community, and Acknowledges our support for Black History Month, their suffering, and their right to be respected and not abused.

Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization