Covid 19 Drones
Cyrus A. Parsa, Courtesy of Feverpitched, Dreamstime

Drones Transforming Democratic Nations to Socialist Despots on 5G

Drones can track, monitor, scan, extract data, record, swarm, quarantine and even take out a target on 5G networks led with various AI based technologies. Some very extreme and unwise people who believe drones can help Corona Virus counter measures are advocating such measures which can turn a democratic nation and its constitution into a socialist mechanism that transforms nations to Communist states.

Assimilating the Public to Drones on 5G with Soft Power

For the purpose of safety and health, a nation or state can attempt to mobilize drones to enforce rules on citizens as counter measures to Covid 19. If such a measure is taken, peoples thoughts and emotions can be assimilated to feel that governing via drone are safe and normal on a 5G network. This would allow a socialist/communist Chinese style dictatorship to take hold of any nation. The U.S has a constitution and a system of checks and balances in place to prevent many scenarios that do not involve complex AI based mechanisms that connect to 5G networks mobilizing drones.

Huawei, China and BRI

China has laid the groundwork of the 5G Grid systems to connect Asia, Russia, the Middle East, and Europe. At some point in the future China could empower its influence and control over the majority of the world with various methods, which includes drone systems to monitor, track, and enforce its newly formed laws. Any nation or company doing business with China is at risk, and any Made in China product puts the worlds people at risk in numerous interconnected ways.

Cutting Off China’s Communist Regime

Every nation, every ethnicity and every citizen must denounce, expose and cut off China’s Communist regime for their own safety, well being and future. Marxist systems and platforms under Socialism have ruined Russia, China, Vietnam, North Korea, and contributed to deaths and or great sufferings of billions of people around the world under Marxist ideology. Corona Virus stems from an irresponsible system of values and thought derived from Marxism which discriminates against the concepts of ethics and morality. Technology must abide by morals to remain safe for the worlds people. This is something the U.S must pay close attention to and encourage other nations to realize the enormous risks and inevitable consequences.

Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization