CNN Hinders President Trump and Cyrus A. Parsa
CNN Hinders Pres. Trump, the Nation and Cyrus A. Parsa from Warning All the Worlds Citizens that they were in Danger from China and Big Tech

Mobilizing Attacks on Trump Administration via Bio-Digital Social Programing, and Creating Division

CNN led 3 years of constant attack on the Trump Administration, Trump family, while being complicit to big tech censorship, Chinese Concentration camps, China Threats, and aiding and abetting numerous talking points that kept the country oblivious to grave dangers generating from Communist China. Constantly, they had low IQ so called experts on their network that divided a nation, and the world through social engineering and what I coined, Bio-Digital Social Programming. Something I discussed in my previous books artificial intelligence dangers to humanity, articles, video episodes and Endangering the World Lawsuit filed as a last resort to get the worlds attention and expose all the dangers coming to every human being on the planet, in stages.

Complicit To Chinese Slave Camps and China CCP Dangers

Cable New Network (CNN) was complicit to Chinese slave camps, big tech AI Misuse, and did not report on Cyrus A. Parsa, and The AI Organization’s requests and warning that the worlds people are in danger via AI, China and Big Tech interconnections that can mobilize Quantum AI on 5G to create nefarious bio-tech technologies, drones, machines, nano-bots, Virus’s and Bio-Weapons. CNN was complicit and aided in supporting big tech companies and the Chinese regime by constantly attacking the U.S, The Trump  administration, weakening its resolve to counter China and the threats that are emerging in time. CNN is also guilty of treason against the nation and the worlds people by paying former intelligence officers to shift the worlds thoughts against a sitting President. Every media outlet has a paid consultant who is a political strategist aimed at influencing and shaping peoples thoughts, rather than report the news. In fact, anchors and reporters, are victims of a corrupt system.

Chris Coumo Blocked Cyrus on Twitter, As Cyrus Was Attempting to Warn People That They Were in Danger, Asking for a Platform for His Discoveries

Chris Como Blocks Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization
Twitter Pic Showing Chris Cuomo Blocking Cyrus A. Parsa’s Attempts to Bring Attention to the Coming Dangers to the Worlds People

Chris Cuomo not only ignored Cyrus’s tweets, he blocked Cyrus’s formal and kind request to allow him a platform to explain his 1,000 plus company investigations and simulations that projected huge dangers for all the worlds citizens in stages, with present, emerging and future threats. Chris Cuomo actually blocked Cyrus after he shared his book through direct message on Twitter. Why would anyone or any news agency, block an author for offering a book, in a cordial request? I personally, would like to give Chris Coumo one more chance for an interview and provide solutions for the nation if he wishes to have an open mind.

Anderson Cooper Avoids Cyrus’s Tweets, and Requests, as Did other CNN Anchors, Warning Worlds Citizens Were in Danger

A news outlet is very complex. The decision to put someone on comes from their editorials, political consultants, CEO’s, Anchors and even the connections they make with corporations, businesses, politicians, intelligence agencies and governments. CNN is not alone, every major news outlet with a paid subscription operates in this way. They promote ads of fairness, yet, most of their news is filled with emotion, opinions, political objectives or personal views. This is human nature, and it is not simply a product of leftist media, as the conservative outlets are the same. Yet, the main issue has been, there has been no checks and balances, with the majority of news media being left. A better alternative is to have the news leave their reporting sections strictly for factual reporting of events. CNN has done great harm to the U.S and the world at large. This is also true for the New York Times and Time Magazine.

Who is At Fault and Solutions

CNN Shares Blame for the Corona Virus for Constant Attacks on the Trump administration, which prevented President Trump from exerting enough pressure on China and mobilizing the intelligent agencies to reduce China CCP threats to the Homeland. Moreover, CNN and its anchors ignored Cyrus’s warnings that all the worlds citizens are in dangers, in stages. No one in the world, researched and investigated over 1,000 big tech and Chinese companies the way it was done, and the findings are more sophisticated than all of the mainstream media so called experts combined. At some point, when the mainstream media ignores you, and your efforts, it puts numerous people at risk, even to the detriment of the ones purposefully ignoring you. Chris Cuomo unfortunately has been infected by the Virus, and it is not a joyous matter. All human beings make mistakes, yet many at CNN were used to mislead the worlds people. There are solutions for our emerging threats, including Corona, and I have real solutions to reduce harm to the worlds people, although no one listened when I attempted to warn and prevent. If any one can knock some sense into the mainstream media, to grant me interviews, I accept, and will be grateful to you. Ask them to cover the book, Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity, which they can download below.

Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization