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The AI Organization’s Algorithms on President Trump

The AI Organization used numerous algorithms to achieve an AI based prediction of a digital map of what the world will look like if President Trump is impeached and removed from office. The algorithms achieved a 93% predictability result on more than 1,000 simulated scenarios. The score never dropped to below an average of 93%, even after inputting digital codes built into Google and Baidu via Chinese influence and corporate mandates that were against the U.S and the Trump Administration. This digital report and the A.I. algorithms used the Geo-Political infrastructure and connected it with health, military, the intelligence community, human rights, safety of the U.S and the world at large. These algorithms involve the entire human race. The algorithms sourced content in a dynamic way extracting from past, present and evolving global data without absorbing a disproportionate information from conservative or liberal bias to shift the result of The AI Organization’s futurist report for a particular political party.

In fact, the sourcing came from the dynamic flow of data traffic, nation laws, stated goals, investments, and bio-metric data and emotion recognition of world leaders and the big tech Eco System involving Google, Baidu, and over 1,000 big corporations that are interconnected with almost all corporations that operate the worlds infrastructure. The Results of removing Donald J. Trump from office altered the world stage in a terrifying way for all of humanity, be they liberal, conservative, atheist, religious or undecided. The findings matched my own analysis in early 2018, albeit that result and data were not included in this massive data matrix that incorporates AI and the destiny of a nation, a President, the world, and all of its citizens.

China Rules and Enslaves the World with Quantum Computing, AI, Drones & Machines on the 5G Network

Quantum Computer Controlling Humanity
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As I have been stating in The AI Organization reports and articles, China can and aims to rule the world on the 5G network by using AI, Robotics, Machines and all corporations in one ecosystem that connects all of humanity on the BRI (One Belt, One Road). The new silk road. In order to make public our findings, we published AI, Trump, China & The Weaponization of Robotics with 5G on August 24th, 2019 and included roughly 50 entities in the newly released publication of Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity, on October 20th, 2019. Over 1,000 companies were researched and investigated. About 500 Chinese and 600 AI, Robotics and Bio-Metric Companies to be exact. The data from our investigations were also included in the formation of this futurist report predicting how the world will look like if President Trump is removed from office. The codes and patterns translated to the following below:

China Uses Russia as a puppet State

Russian Controlled by China
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China’s partnership with Russia transforms to a puppet relationship with Russia’s dependence on Chinese technology and collaboration with 5G initiatives. Russian ingenuity is used to feed the Chinese global machine to control the world on BRI. Putin loses power, and Russia is controlled by Chinese technocrats through influence, forced tech transfers, IP Theft, Open Source and Investment. The Russian people fall under a cold war Communist Orwellian State.

China Dominates Middle East with Iran’s Islamic Theocracy

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China controls the Islamic world with a despotic technocratic structure. Drones, Facial Recognition, Machines and Robotics are used on 5G network to police the citizens. Rare earth minerals are extracted from Iran, Afghanistan and the Stan’s around the region. Chinese Communist Leaders images are installed in places of worship.

China Enslaves Africa

Africa Enslaved with Chinese Drones
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China uses African leaders, war lords and tech company heads to enslave the African people in an Orwellian state designed to extract earth minerals and produce goods for the world. All African tribes are controlled by a need based digital infrastructure. The entire continent is mobilized to work for the Chinese regime with labor camp structure we see today in China. Organ Trafficking reaches unprecedented heights.

War Breaks with India

China Using the Air to Strategically Strike India
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Factions in India attempt to resist, but are quickly eliminated through numerous platforms, both military and digital. China uses Pakistan, Afghanistan and Asian Countries to destabilize India. India submits. Big techs operating in India and connected to India, are controlled by the Chinese Regime. Australia, New Zealand, and Greenland, become property of China under regional partnerships after China takes over Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Taiwan.

China Enslaves the U.S and the West by Controlling Big Tech

China using AI to control  Big Tech and All Nations
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With the Bio-Metrics of all the worlds citizens in hand, China uses Huawei, Big Tech, and other Chinese companies to create an Orwellian Europe on the 5G network, after utilizing Socialist and Islamic forces in Europe to create friction and destabilization. China overtakes the Democratic Party in America through big tech influence on a socialistic platform. Google, Space X, NASA, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, the health industry, military, education system and all networks influenced and controlled by China are utilized to make all citizens uniform in one system. The U.S constitution is overwritten. China completes its asset take over of the U.S. Clones are created, people stop procreating. The tech industry promotes against natural procreation between a man and a women and advocates for clones and gene modification. The Nation becomes a subsidiary of a global system controlled and run by China and its AI system. Robotics, Drones, and Machines influence and control all American citizens. These algorithms and patterns show this transformation at a 93% likelihood within 10 years if President Donald J. Trump is impeached and removed from office. The very serious and awful elements in the global Orwellian State run by Communist China is not included in this report. Half of the worlds population is put in labor camps or forced to endure an Orwellian Despotic Society, the remaining half, are used. To read and understand the entire picture and dangers to Artificial Intelligence as it pertains to big tech and China, “Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity” is a book, with data, facts, futurist reports and inner coded language for the Intelligence Community.

Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization

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