AI The Plan To Invade Humanity
Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization

The Movie that Mobilized the Pentagon and U.S government to begin to release and declassify their UFO files and recent landings of off-world technologies. Digitally Remastered in it’s original form with additional commentary, re-released on June 22, 2021.


Audience Reviews

This may be the most important movie I’ve ever seen as far as humanity is concerned and that’s no hyperbole. I’m gonna share it wide but the sad thing is that most people will dismiss it as fantasy or conspiracy. Thank God I’m not plugged into the “”Matrix”” anymore.” Blake Salmons

Cyrus, you pack more information into one film more than anyone, and the information is so relevant today. I look forward to reading your books and learning all I can from your videos. Thank you. Joyce Elia

A stunning video. The best yet that I’ve heard on the subject. I’ll spread this as far as I can. Thank you Cyrus” Olemolokoplus

The things I know but I could never put words to like this, wow. What a crowning achievement.” Purpose in Presence

After listening to the whole video I’ve got to say, Finally, someone who has the whole picture and not just pieces, thank you!!!!!!” Nancy Smith

This Spectacular Wisdom & Knowledge is PRICELESS.
I have been waiting 30 years for a video that explains our DNA Manipulation, creation and Essence by the Garbage, Enki and Enlil and the Greys.
This video is SO on point , every creature upon Earth must watch and absorb its message. Factual Truth explained in Archaeological and Scripturally all over the Earth if we only looked a little deeper.
Best video Ever ♡☆♡ “

” OH MY GOD! “

“It’s as if Cyrus has gone meta on every tentacle of the Deep State, Military Industrial Complex, Communism & any other entity wishing to control the species. This presentation is quite possibly the best wake up warning that man kind will most likely scoff at. Secret Men’s Business

You get my nomination for most important documentary of the century sir!! Thank you.” Elisa T

Outstanding work. I am awakened.” Rock with the universe

Greatest movie I’ve ever watched in my life. Thank you. You have ignited my spirit for life. 🔥” Blossom Queen

Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization