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In the past, when foreign businessmen, investors and celebrities visited China, at least 2 government officials were tasked to follow and spy on them discretely. This was done for intelligence gathering and to obtain compromising materials for extortion. Now, with Facial Recognition, Human Detection Software and AI automated systems that communicate with command centers on individuals of interest, AI espionage becomes ultra covert.

NBA players have been spied on by China’s government through their big tech and security apparatus. This espionage and Intel gathering is also incorporated with Data on the players families and friends here at home in the U.S. Doing business in China has numerous risks. They include confiscation of your investment by the Chinese government, and making NBA players victims in complicity of human rights abuses in China. The camera’s China uses are Hikvision and Dehua, all suspected by the U.S government to be used for spying on individuals in China and abroad.

There are hidden camera’s in hotel rooms. They are in the mirrors of high-end luxury hotels, as well as very small spy cameras in discreet places. The recording are sent back to the Communist Regime Intelligence command center task force for foreign affairs. This task force actually exists in the back logs, yet the intelligence gathered does not directly lead back to this division. In fact, the data or recording are sold off to multiple entities as assets against NBA players, politicians, mayors that visit China, and other celebrities. These are kept as insurance and valuable commodities.

NBA players are actually a victim of social engineering, or what I have termed as, bio-digital social programming. Which is a very complex term. Chinese citizens are programmed to like and enjoy the NBA, yet the leadership of China uses its citizens and the NBA to trap them with business deals and interdependence. This relationship, can make NBA player’s slaves to China.

 Fabio Alcini

Our AI investigations uncovered the secret behind China’s building 5G networks. They plan to deploy Machines, Robotics and Drones to control the infrastructure. The Orwellian surveillance state of China can be realized if NBA players and the public continue complicity to human rights violations in Hong Kong and China. With the development of Artificial General Intelligence, this world would be a horrifying place under China’s rule.

Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization