Barak Hussien Obama under his leadership, was negligent, incompetent and treasonous by allowing China, its corporations, people and entities to steal AI Bio-Technology, Drones, Semi-Conductor Chips, Blue-Prints to F35, Battle Ships, and Space Technology.

China Using the Air to Strategically Strike India
Cyrus A. Parsa, Courtesy of Michaelfitzsimmons Dreamstime F35 Resize

Obama allowed our business’s, institutions, schools and citizens to invest in China and transfer sensitive AI technologies as presented in this claim to China, that is endangering all the worlds Citizens. Obama allowed and promoted Google and Eric Schmidt to help China build Surveillance systems that hunted and killed Chinese Citizens, and created conflicts in the Middle East and Africa. Barak Hussein Obama set up President Trump and put mechanism in motions to hunt President Trump with judicial and intelligence branches involved throughout the world, which reduced the ability of the Trump Administration to counter China’s threats to the world to its fullest extent. Obama is guilty of crimes against humanity by allowing Google and other big tech companies to build China’s Artificial Bio-Tech infrastructure on the 5G network. Obama approved and was lag in AI regulation on big tech companies who censored Americans, and put mechanisms for these companies to dominate the worlds people on the 5G network. Obama weakened the FBI, CIA, NSA and the countries military, and rebuilt China by allowing the greatest amount of IP Theft known in human history, that included Quantum Technology, cybernetics, bioengineering and micro-drones meant for assassination.  

Obama, as a half white, and half black person, with his platform of “Change, Yes we can”, his half ancestry related to African peoples who were enslaved, had the necessary knowledge and required human decency to call out China on their numerous slave camps, slave labor, rape, torture and organ trafficking. He chose to permit Americans to conduct business with China in mass, including members of his Presidential staff. Obama,  through negligence allowed Chinese operatives to steal AI, bio-tech, and numerous other technologies to weaponize China’s military and private Bio labs, that have endangered the worlds people, and led to many deaths through virus AI based facial and other bio-metric tools transferred by Alphabet, Google and other American tech companies that contributed to mass surveillance, slavery, abuse, torture and killing. Barack Hussain Obama is guilty as a human being, and more so, guilty during his tenure as President of the United States, where he was negligent, complicit and treasonous in allowing military secrets to be extracted by China, while willfully depleting the U.S military capabilities.

Obama allowed Joe Biden and Hunter Biden to take 1.5 Billion dollars from China, while being informed that China is committing mass atrocities, and organ harvesting of Christians, Falun  Dafa, Tibetans, Uyghurs, and other minority groups in China. Obama is guilty of negligence, including treason, and Article, 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the genocide Convention. To begin to make up for his mistakes, Obama needs to relinquish his net-worth and give 100% Unconditional support to the Trump Administration to combat the Corona Virus and the various other challenges with China. Obama can do this by supporting Trump’s international policies, and Trump’s Homeland Security initiatives, and stop undermining the U.S and Trump’s efforts as he had by mobilizing his base through social engineering and emotions revolving race, gender and nationality.

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